Cody Rhodes Claims Star Suffered Concussion in WWE Hell in a Cell Headliner


AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes addressed fans chanting AEW after the main event of the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. 

The finish of the contest saw Universal Champion Seth Rollins retain the strap over Bray Wyatt in a match stoppage despite it being held inside of the Hell in a Cell structure. 

This led to various chants such as refund and bulls**t. Thus, when Rhodes appeared on the Joe Cronin Show, Rhodes gave his reaction to the AEW chants. 

Rhodes made an interesting comment towards the end of his statement when he noted that one of the stars got a concussion in the match. It was reported earlier this week that Wyatt had an unknown injury but did appear after the show to hit Sister Abigail to Cesaro as part of the dark segment. 

However, Rollins, who wasn’t reported to be injured, didn’t appear at all. 

“I mean when those come up, I wasn’t watching the pay-per-view, but when those come up, your phone starts blowing up and your social starts blowing up. Whenever the crowd chants something, whether it’s boring, whether it’s a promotion, whether it’s your name, it means they want to be rewarded with something. That’s just kind of when you’re in the ring wrestling 101 and we know that we want to reward them.

So it was, it was flattering. I wouldn’t be one to gloat about it only because I know that one of the guys in that match got concussed and this job ain’t that easy, but nevertheless whenever we hear those chants, it’s more validation that what we’re doing and what we’ve been saying about this market existing, it’s real.”

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