Cody Rhodes Continues to Comment on Vince Russo’s Opinions, and More


We reported late last night here on eWn that AEW Superstar and EVP Cody Rhodes took to Twitter to reply to a fan who referenced Vince Russo’s recent comments on his podcast where he said AEW will be forced to change their ways in a matter of months when ratings continue to fall. The fan said, “We need a product that appeals to the masses, not the marks.”

Cody responded with the following,

“This is the era of cord cutting, simulcast and dvr bumps. We are proud of how incredible the numbers have been and know we need to work hard now more than ever.”

When Twitter user Chris Lonas said, “Only wrestling fans say this. Did millions of Walking Dead and South Park fans start watching on their phones? No they lost interest. Ratings for NFL, NBA and MLB are as high as ever. But when wrestling loses viewers you all come up with every lame excuse you can think of.”

Cody Rhodes responded with the following, “Y’all can untag me friend. VR had great success in the 90s. None of this is really applicable to our brand today and this product. As fun as it is to keep moving the goal post, we keep scoring. Fans demanded this alternative and we were the lucky ones able to deliver it.”

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