Cody Rhodes Discusses AEW Being An Alternative, Dealing With Direct Competition


Cody Rhodes did an interview with ABC News. Here are some of the highlights: 

On AEW as an alternative: “We reached that goal within one ‘Dynamite.‘ I think the secret formula there is really just authenticity. The products are vastly different. I think we knew right out of the gate that the alternative wrestling brand that we had talked about and promoted, but was really sight unseen to that point, really ended being correct. We were vindicated that there was this audience that wanted something different from their wrestling and that has been the audience since day one.”

On wrestlers getting on Dark instead of Dynamite: “It’s hard to get on ‘Dynamite.” It’s tricky to balance but it does help you prioritize. People think wrestling is so much a suspension of disbelief. But the truth is, wrestling is far more real than people think and the competition to get on ‘Dynamite’ is as fierce as any match competition you’ll ever find.”

On dealing with direct competition: “When you hit that million mark, and even on the nights where the average might be in the eights or nines, there are segments that go over a million and it certainly begets the question: What would this be like unopposed? But opposed, it’s doing just so damn fine. I think we have a good indicator. We’ve seen what it looks like. But competition is not something we’re shying away from by any means. Wednesday night is our home.”

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