Cody Rhodes Discusses His Involvement In Upcoming Dusty Rhodes Documentary


Cody Rhodes, an Executive Producer of the upcoming A&E documentary about his father, Dusty Rhodes, recently discussed his involvement in the project. The documentary, which is set to air on ‘Superstar Sunday’ a week before WrestleMania 39, focuses on the life of ‘The American Dream.’

Speaking with Robbie Fox on ‘My Mom’s Basement,’ Cody admitted that he may have been too hands-on initially, but felt that he needed to ensure that the story was told correctly as his father was the subject. He had some disagreements with the director regarding the narrative, but after seeing the first cut, he was impressed and felt that the director had done justice to the story. The documentary is unique in that it showcases Dusty Rhodes through the perspective of all his four children, including Cody and his sister Teil. Cody is excited for both wrestling fans and casual viewers to learn more about the special person that his father was, not just as a wrestler, but also during the last chapter of his life with NXT.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his involvement in the project: “Maybe a little too hands-on (with the Dusty Rhodes A&E documentary). The documentary and I believe it airs on, you know, that ‘Superstar Sunday’ with A&E, I think it airs the week before WrestleMania. Actually, pretty positive. It is incredible and I don’t wanna say I disagreed. I had some trouble with the story the director, the showrunner of this documentary, I had some trouble with how he was telling it and that’s why I said maybe I was a little too hands-on because it’s my dad and people always want to talk to me about wrestling objectively, Dusty objectively and you (interviewer) know this about me, he’s my dad. I don’t wanna have those objective conversations. In this case, I needed to.

On what fans should expect from the documentary: I’m the Executive Producer, the story has to be told correctly but also, this is who we’ve entrusted to tell the vision. Upon seeing the first cut, he told the right story. He tells the story of Dusty Rhodes through the eyes of his four kids and not (just) the first two but also the last two, me and Teil, and that really rounds it out as far as who he was and there are some secrets in here that aren’t secrets I guess to wrestling insiders but I’m really excited for A&E casual watchers who just catch these things to see how special he was. Not just while he was doing it and being ‘The American Dream’ but that last chapter of his life, kind of the winner of his life with NXT.”

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