Cody Rhodes Explains A “Cody Lie”, + Roxanne Perez On Her Upcoming Match With Blair Davenport


On a recent edition of the “Notsam Wrestling” podcast, Cody Rhodes addressed the rumors about his alleged tensions with Matt Cardona.

The American Nightmare noted that while he may stretch the truth for a good laugh, he will never do such a thing regarding a serious situation. He said,


“Let me address the Cody lie. There is a thing called the Dusty finish. A Dusty finish is common vernacular in wrestling to describe a certain finish to a match. I know for a fact that my dad always hated the terminology. He hated it, and now it’s a regular thing. It became a thing. Cody Lie has totally become a thing, and I want to stop it before it gets too far. I never lie about anything that is serious. Will I ‘print the legend’ every now and then to something that is not a serious, dire situation? Also, he thinks I tell him things so that he stooges them off. He’s been very warped by this. There is no such thing as a Cody Lie. There’s a lot of wrestlers, if you bring this up, ‘that’s a Cody Lie.’ If they are, they’re fun, they’re not serious. As far as the lie in question, whether he was a pecker checker, which means he’s looking at the guys in the shower. I believe, what we were told on Raw, was that him, he had a partner, I’m not going to say his name because I actually like that guy now, use to not like him at all, but I like his partner a lot. You can read between the lines. Him and his partner were thrown out of the locker room because they were peeping in the showers with the other guys. Did I tell some people that? Very likely. I was told they were thrown out of the locker room because of it. He disputes it. He also disputes another huge story, which I’m going to end it and do the best thing I can for Matt Cardona.”

On a recent edition of the “Sports Guys Talk Wrestling” podcast, Roxanne Perez declared that she is in a better position than her opponent Blair Davenport ahead of their match at WWE NXT: The Great American Bash 2023.

Perez will battle Davenport in a Weapons Wild Match at the H-E-B Center at Cedar Park on Sunday evening.

According to Perez, her past match against Cora Jade gives her an advantage over Davenport, who has never competed in a Weapons Wild fight before. She said,

“I have had some experience [with weapons]. I had a couple of [No Disqualification matches] on the independent scene and then I did have a Weapons Wild match against Cora Jade. So, Blair Davenport has never had a Weapons Wild match, I have. So that kind of gives me a little bit of an advantage. But Booker [T] has been giving me a lot of advice … I can’t just give out my tactics, but you’ll definitely see something.”

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