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Cody Rhodes Feels He Owes WWE for How They Treated Dusty Rhodes


Speaking to Peter Rosenberg on ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast, Cody Rhodes discussed WWE’s relationship with his father, the legendary Dusty Rhodes.

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Cody Rhodes would be very candid and say that he can take as many jabs at WWE and break as many thrones as he wants, but he will never forget how WWE treated Dusty Rhodes and how they reversed his fortunes later in his life:

“It’s very simple. I could smash a thousand thrones and I could make a thousand potshots and little fourth-wall breaking comments about my experience because it is vastly different from Dusty’s.
“But as his son, I know that in 2005 when he got his first royalty check for the Dusty Rhodes DVD, which they did a marvelous job on, my mother literally hit her knees in the kitchen and thank god for them having brought him back to financial security. For them having given him a home in the winter of his lifeand a functional thing to chew on with NXT and to maybe help and guide a few young stars. So with that in mind and what they did for him at the end, I will never be ungrateful to them.
“Now I have my own opinions about my own career that are mine, and people think that because of what they did for my dad I should, you know, be voiceless on occasion and that’s just never going to be the case. But, I will always say that I owe them a great debt. Maybe I paid it personally with the way things ended. Who knows. But I’ll never forget that. Both Hunter and Vince and Stephanie McMahon were very good to my father when he needed it, and as his son, that’s something that if they ever ask me to ya know, to repay that debt, I’ll go repay it. Because it was important.
“Now I know that the narrative is the McMahons hate the Rhodes and maybe in there, there’s some truth to that. But you know, If I have a few drinks ask me the same question and the answer might be completely different. But in this moment, in this moment, I still remain very grateful for what they did for my dad. What they did for me, different story. What they did for him, very grateful.”

(h/t: Adventures In Poor Taste)

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