Cody Rhodes: I Didn’t Know Goldust Was Returning’


Cody Rhodes tweeted that he didn’t know Goldust would be returning at the Royal Rumble.

He wrote: “Watching TheRumble. Well handled secrecy, @WWEDustyRhodes didn’t even smarten me up, didn’t see Dustin the whole day, then I heard his music. We have MANY differences, but you’re pretty undeniable when I can barely hear said music because the crowd. Amused that I spoiled it for him”

As noted earlier, the Goldust return had been planned for a week or so prior to the pay-per-view due to the angle with his real-life brother, Cody Rhodes. With Cody claiming he was unaware of the return, it’s likely WWE was “shooting” and wanted a genuine reaction from Cody when his brother entered the match. For those asking how they’d know how to go after each other, etc., it would have been booked on the fly where Goldust went in and whispered to Cody exactly what to do (go with the angle and eliminate him).

What do you guys think? Did Cody know in advance that his brother was returning? Let us know below!

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