Cody Rhodes On Who Is The Leader Of The Bullet Club, If He Will Ever Face Kenny Omega, WWE – More


The current Ring Of Honor World Champion, Cody Rhodes, was a part of the WrestleZone Facebook Q&A session and Rhodes answered a plethora of questions regarding topics related to the current state of his career.

Here are a few of the highlights: (video version of the Q&A will be below the highlights)

Rhodes On If He Would Like To Face Kenny Omega:

“No comment, no comment, no comment on that question. Kenny Omega is a great wrestler.”

His Favorite Match Thus Far This Year:

“I think every match I’ve had with Will Ospreay. Will Ospreay is unbelievably [talented] and he’s like, highly rated, but I still think he’s underrated.”

Possibly Going Back To The WWE:

“No, not anytime soon. I think it’s silly to say never, but this current situation with what we’re having and these shows are all sold out.”

Rhodes’s Favorite Match Of All Time:

“My overall favorite match of all time; that changes pretty frequently. It’s like WrestleMania 12, the Ironman match and then it’s like Sting and Dusty vs. Arn and Tully from the Knight Center, Terry Funk vs. Flair. My regular favorite match changes on a pretty regular basis.”

Is He Ever Contacted By WWE:

“Every week. Because we have to talk about my dad’s estate and they have done a great job preserving his legacy. So we chat about that a lot.”

Is He Next Up To Be The Leader Of The Bullet Club And Who Would He Like To Bring Into The Group:

“There’s no leader of the Bullet Club and that’s not a knock on anyone in the Bullet Club. There’s no leader in the Bullet Club. You wanna know who the leader is? …Haku.

Goldust. Him in the sweet, all Bullet Club gear, yeah, Goldust for sure.”



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