Cody Rhodes On If All In Can Be Bigger Than Any Show Dusty Rhodes Ever Created


Cody Rhodes recently joined Busted Open Radio to promote All In. You can check out the highlights here below:

If all goes according to plan, could All In surpass any one show Dusty ever created: “I don’t think I can speculate. Because, it’s mine, you know? It’s me, Matt [Jackson], Nick [Jackson], it’s the Being the Elite guys. It’s all of yours, you know? It’s by wrestlers, for wrestlers.

“It’s by fans, for fans. If you look at this convention and you look at the show, I care more about whether Dusty would have a good time at All In than whether I win this match, if that makes any sense.”

What Dusty would think about All In: “The first time he tuned in to ECW, this is a good example, I thought like, oh, he’s gonna hate it. Look at what’s happening, there’s all kinds of sex and violence. He was so entertained, and I remember sitting in front of him with my little Hasboro figures and watch the shows, every pay-per-view.

“So he had this forward-thinking knowledge that I think all of the great minds in pro wrestling have. So, I think if he saw this, he’d have a few touches for sure, but I think he’d be pretty stoked about it. I hope he would.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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