​Cody Rhodes Praises Tye Dillinger & Comments On Him Still Being In Developmental, Retirement, More


Former WWE Superstar Cody “Stardust” Rhodes recently appeared on Colt Cabana’s “The Art of Wrestling” podcast and praised WWE NXT Superstar Tye Dillinger. He also discussed moving to LA and his late father Dusty Rhodes. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Tye Dillinger still being in WWE NXT/developmental: “Greatest human being alive. Still in developmental. He’s in developmental. I’m afraid of… all the time I want to tweet stuff about Tye Dillinger and I’m afraid if I do, someone will be like, because I’m not in the best graces with the office currently, I’m afraid someone will be like, because of my love of him.”


On if he thinks Dillinger being from Canada is hurting him; “I’m not sure. He [has] never done anything to my knowledge. The mystery of Tye Dillinger. We were talking about this earlier off the record. We were talking about the Canadians. I don’t know if he kind of has a Canadian vibe and that makes somebody at the office… and ‘Canadian vibe’ does not connote anything negative. But if it makes someone in the office upset with him, whatever.”

On how Dusty Rhodes would write that Dillinger is ready for the main roster: “If a guy already had it, he didn’t spend a lot of time on them. Daniel Bryan is a great example. Barely kind of blew Dan off too. But in his reports, wrote, ‘this guy’s ready – what can I do?’ that’s the Tye Dillinger report from his fifth year in developmental. And, literally, that was what my dad always wrote about Tye, ‘what is he still doing here?’ … The mystery of Tye. It’s a mystery. I think the only way to fix it is to every time you go to these events, like fans who go to NXT events, you need to give him everything because he’ll give it back, man.”

On moving to Los Angeles, CA for acting: “I just moved to L.A. I’ve been in L.A. for, I’ve been in L.A. long enough that I should’ve gone on a few auditions. That was the point. I haven’t gone on a single audition. I’ve just flown out of the airport to go all around the world and do wrestling because I’m fully back in love with wrestling, like, fell hard for it, like, literally teary-eyed at all these events. I fell hard for it.”

On wanting to retire from the pro wrestling business by the time he hits 40 years old: “I used to always say, ‘I’m done at 40. Like, that will be it. I will never wrestle again after 40.’ Yeah, I’m feeling I still will stick to that. Yeah, I don’t know why. That’s just the number I have in my mind. Yeah, the number is a real thing. The reason I have the number is I grew up around old wrestlers and it was really cool to see the people respected and loved them for the nostalgia it brought; however, it was also not cool to see them old and having to hurt themselves and I don’t want that life.” Rhodes added, “they get older, but only in this wacky world is it that they’re still booked and I get why. I get it. The nostalgia, but if I was running an independent show or running a brand of my own, I definitely, if I had any of the legends in, there wouldn’t be any physicality.”

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