Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes Reacts To a Fan’s Question About Diversity In AEW, Indy Wrestler Chimes In


When a fan tweeted Cody Rhodes on Saturday and commented on AEW’s “lack of diversity” in the main event, Cody responded saying that Scorpio Sky was one of the first champions in the company. He said,

“One of our first champions was a black man. We have the only black executive in wrestling history as part of our core infrastructure as well. Our fans are beyond valued, I’d encourage you to watch my interview from this past week where I spoke directly to the viewer at home.”

Independent wrestler AJ Gray then chimed in, saying AEW preaches diversity but doesn’t hire “equally talented” black wrestlers. He said,

“How u gonna preach diversity yet you won’t hire black wrestlers who are equally talented if not more talente…. AND NOW You won’t stand up for black peoples human rights?

I’m all the way good on goin to Jacksonville…..”

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