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NewsCody Rhodes Says His Experience In TNA Was Great

Cody Rhodes Says His Experience In TNA Was Great



Cody Rhodes spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine, (transcript via Down below are the highlights…

On His Experience With TNA: My experience was super clean, that’s the best way to put it. When I filmed the stuff with the corvette, the beautiful blue corvette, that I wanted to buy (laughs). I was met at the airport, I was picked up and taken to the office, introduced, taken to the soundboards where I did my voiceovers and then did an ID shoot, all very similar to WWE. Smaller operations as far as people there, but very similar. Then my experience with Bound for Glory and the days that followed were exceptional experiences. Now, I’m not living under a rock, so the whole time I was there I was hearing all these rumours, but at a certain point I just ceased to care because my experience had been great. I left my wife essentially in their hands as she carried on doing the tapings and she enjoyed it, she had a great experience

On Getting to Work With Kurt Angle: I feel like Kurt could probably do this another ten, hell, I don’t know, he could probably do this as long as he wants because he is such a machine. However, it does feel like he’s winding his career down, so to be part of it; was great. Joe Coffey had a match with him, Zack Sabre Jr wrestled him, Rey (Mysterio) wrestled him and I have wrestled him once already and to be able to wrestle him twice and be part of that is really cool, it’s cool to be on that list. I feel like Kurt’s one of those that he probably heard a lot about What Culture, but WCPW is not unlike WWE in a sense that it’s a big ass show, with a great crowd, a great production in general. He’s definitely Hall of Fame worthy.

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