Cody Rhodes Says Winning The ROH World Title Would Be A Vindication Of Sorts For His Family


In another interview to promote the Ring Of Honor: Best In The World PPV, Cody Rhodes spoke with Joshua Caudill of CraveOnline about possibly becoming the new Ring Of Honor World Champion, the Bullet Club & more.

Here are the highlights:

Ending Christopher Daniels’s Title Reign:

“I like to think of Christopher Daniels as one of those who’s a great professional wrestler but, I like to think of myself as one of those people that’s great at everything. I think Christopher Daniels’ first championship reign with ROH is about 20 years too late and I fully embrace the role that I’ve naturally been given here, as spoiler for that reign.”

The Bullet Club:

“Being part of this movement; the Bullet Club movement, it’s unexpected. You have guys like Anderson, Gallows and Balor and you see the foreground set and how they’ve lined up the playing field and then you have it now where it has grown and grown. It almost scares you to the level of its reach, it’s on shelves now in retail outlets next to WWE merchandise and it’s not within the WWE circle so that’s the biggest indicator of its success.”

Winning The ROH World Championship Would Be A Vindication Of Sorts For His Family:

“It has been 31 years since Dusty was world champion. In that time, my brother and myself didn’t win a world title. I don’t know if that eats at us or if we look at it differently. We all have our different journeys but the one word that comes up is vindication. It’s not just vindication for me when I decided to leave WWE, it’s vindication for a lot more than that. I think since his death, people have seen the significance my dad had in wrestling. But there was this period of time, when so many people made so much money that he put in the game. There was this period of time when people remembered it differently. I know that’s none of my business and I wasn’t around during that period but it builds a young man, this war, this ‘Rhodes vs. all’ mentality within me, that’s why Friday is so significant. If we can get it done, I just keep thinking of that word: vindication.”


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