Cody Rhodes Speaks On Leaving WWE, Joining ROH, More


Cody Rhodes recently spoke with Fox News about his career and more. Here are the highlights.

On his decision to leave WWE:

“I reached a point where nothing scares me in this industry mainly because I grew up in it. My earliest memory is 4-years-old getting in a wrestling ring. The goal of leaving was to find myself.”

On his decision to join Ring of Honor:

Ring of Honor, it’s consistency and it’s tradition and the people that it’s turned out. I mean it’s been a factory for stars that would end up going to NXT (WWE) as the stars they were in Ring of Honor, and it’s fans represent the hardest fan to please. If you’re in front of a Ring of Honor crowd and you suck, they’ll let you know. This was a place for me to find out is Cody Rhodes even worth a d–n and worth all this fuss.As I got older I realized my dreams are allowed to change, my dream in the wrestling business has changed a bazillion times. You can’t plan it right? It’s like a really good wrestling match if that makes sense, a really good wrestling match is one that yeah maybe you did plan A-Z but within that A-Z there’s magic that you didn’t plan.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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