Cody Rhodes Speaks On Current State Of TNA, WWE Bringing Back The Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, More


Current TNA star Cody Rhodes spoke with Dan “The Mouth” Lovranski of The Fight Network about various topics. Here are the highlights.

If he was asked to hand out trophy at Dusty Classic Finals:

“I told them Truth can hand out the trophy this year – no I didn’t (laughs). I think this year is probably a really tough sell but I definitely don’t want people to think that’s because I don’t love my dad more than anything on earth. I think this year I will probably hand over my responsibilities as such to Dustin and maybe his daughter Dakota. They currently have a lot better of a situation with themselves in WWE than myself but again, that night has nothing to do with me or WWE, really. It has everything to do with young guys getting their shot and Dusty Rhodes in general so I don’t know. I haven’t been reached out to yet so if I was, I definitely would not just flat out say no.”

Leaving WWE and being a “true independent contractor”:

“Yeah, I think that word independent contractor is so unique and I know people have examined it as it relates to WWE a lot but it’s nice to see it honest, the word independent contractor. I don’t want to go into anybody’s house and wreck shop or anything like that. I only want to make their product better and maybe their product will make me better so it is really – to be able to go anywhere and represent various brands, to see an independent contractor actually be honest is a huge kick”.

Concerns over the state of TNA:

“This is going to sound like such a stiff upper-lip answer but I’m not doing it for the money. You should never do anything you feel good at for free and I am certainly will expect to be paid but it doesn’t – this wasn’t for the money, this was more for the fun. This was more for the fact that I had seen Impact on Pop sitting at home and I thought, man this is a wonderful production here. It’s always better to be on TV than not be on TV so it doesn’t worry me really at all. If any of the information was given to me as it comes about what’s going on day to day, it might stress me a little bit but I have kind of been going on a handshake deal from place to place and my experience, like I said with them was totally gleaming. Billy, thumbs up, Dixie, thumbs up so it doesn’t worry me.”

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