Cody Rhodes Talks Bullet Club, Adam Cole & Rhodes’s Plans For 2017


Cody Rhodes has been all over the place as far as wrestling goes & has been making quite the name for himself since his departure from WWE. Rhodes recently spoke with to discuss his post-WWE career, joining The Bullet Club and relationships he has with other promotions.

Here are the highlights from the interview:


On Getting The Invite To The Bullet Club:

“You know what, it might have been Kenny talking to me about this whole Bullet Club thing. Who’s in, who’s out, who’s honorary, he said it’s all about who’s cool. You can’t teach cool. I’m sure you have friends who are cool and some who are not cool, you know what I’m saying? This bad boys club is the cool kid’s table. It sounds terrible as I say it, but if you look at Ring Of Honor, the guys in Bullet Club have the longest autograph lines and tend to put on the best matches. 

That for me sets the bar. Kenny Omega having the match of many years and the Bucks put on great matches always sets the bar even higher. I’m not happy just being in Bullet Club, we’re out there competing with each other to have the best match or the best moment and when you’re surrounded by guys like Kenny Omega, the Bucks, Adam Cole, and Hangman Page that’s really difficult to do. You don’t always top your peers, but it’s always a friendly competition.”

Rhodes On The Tense Moment Between Him & Adam Cole At Ring Of Honor:

“Well, I think Adam Cole is somebody who, for those monitoring this crazy world, I think they are aware that Adam is going through something at the moment. Will he stay with ROH forever? Will he be moving on? Is he unable to maintain his Bullet Club status considering that he and Kenny Omega have beef, but I think he’s answered all those questions that you’ll see eventually. I trust Adam Cole implicitly.”

Can you talk about your relationship with the companies you’re involved in? One minute you’re at an Impact taping wearing a Bullet Club shirt and the next you’re at Ring of Honor. What’s the legality of it all?

Rhodes: “It’s all illegal. Let’s be honest. I thought the Bullet Club shirt would have been digitized out on Impact, it was not. The positive thing that came from that was that people were asking if they could buy that shirt. I wear that Bullet Club sweatshirt everywhere, too. I guess it’s just another thing you can get away with if you’re a bratty second-generation kid. My whole relationships with the companies are all really good. My relationship with Impact and Jeff Jarrett has been great. Jarrett and my family have done business for years and years and I never met him until recently. He’s a smart guy who wants young talent to succeed and you can see that. He wants to groom and move the young talent forward. 

My relationship with Ring of Honor is just incredible. They’re incredibly organized from their merch to their signings to the position they put me in right away. I have a lot of love for Ring of Honor. I also appreciate their business side of things with their team that runs all of the business because wrestling running that kind of stuff isn’t always a great idea. They’re super organized and I really, really like them. I mean they let me ride a motorcycle down for Supercard of Honor, then raffle that motorcycle for pediatric cancer, and the fact I didn’t know how to ride one until five minutes before the show, they’re just good folks.”

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