Cody Rhodes: “There Is No Secret WWE Plan To Destroy The UK Indie Scene!”


During a recent interview with The Mirror, Ring of Honor Superstar Cody Rhodes commented on his knee injury, the WWE NXT contract restrictions and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the contract restrictions the WWE NXT UK talents are forced to abide by: “Well, I think it just means more opportunity. There is obviously a deep roster of talent and maybe some talent we’re not seeing because we’re seeing so many NXT UK guys, that we all know are wonderful. I saw a tweet that Pete Dunne put out that I really liked too though. There is such a tendency to jump on WWE and talk bad about them in terms of these contracts and what they are doing. But with the people they have in place, Johnny Saint, William Regal, and Triple H, and how he is, there is no secret plan to destroy the indy scene in the UK. They just see a wonderful product and they want to protect their guys. “It was a bit of a Wild West situation, where somebody like me from Ring of Honor and New Japan could go over to the UK and mix it up with somebody who was one of the NXT UK talents. It was a little Wild West for a bit and it was really cool to see that. But I think also you’ve got so many heads involved and so many egos, this might be good. I saw another tweet I really liked that Will Ospreay put out, just have the signed guys wrestle the second half of a show and the unsigned guys wrestle the first half! There is plenty of talent and maybe it just means more opportunities for those who haven’t signed anywhere yet.”

On his current knee injury: “It’s okay. The bad news was that— so a meniscus tear is commonly known as a severe sprain. So I thought, ‘Oh, I will be okay.’ Then I got the MRI and there was good news in that I don’t have to get reconstructive surgery because all my ligaments are intact, but that meniscus had a second tear. That second tear is why I heard a ‘pop’ in the ring and why I knew something was wrong. But I’m doing everything I can. I’ve got a brace for it, like one of those big Steve Austin braces, I don’t know if I’m going to be comfortable in it or not, but I’m trying to kind of wear it around the house and get used to it. It’s coming along, I’m trying to be very careful with it, just because, I don’t want to be that wrestler … The guy who trained me told me ‘you’ll always work hurt, but never work injured.’ And that’s very good advice. This I could tell was a little bit more severe.”

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