Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins Still Listed On Internal WWE WrestleMania 38 Card


Dave Meltzer noted on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio that Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins is still listed internally for WrestleMania 38.

It should be noted that Rhodes has yet to sign with WWE after leaving AEW last month. 

“This is what I know,” Meltzer said. “On Friday, Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins was still listed as a match for WrestleMania…nobody knew if he was gonna be there tomorrow night or not. Again, Cody may know [and] Vince may know but it’s not like they were advertising it backstage or telling people or even creative.”

Meltzer continued “The fact that the match is still being listed tells me that they believe he’s in, whether he’s signed or not I cannot say but obviously they believe he’s in, they believe the match is still on. It’s gonna be interesting to watch the show. If Seth Rollins does an angle with somebody else on Monday’s show, most likely that means that something fell through. If nothing happens, I would say most likely Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins are going to wrestle at WrestleMania and somehow they’ll get to it. Obviously, if Cody is there you already know your answer.”

If Rhodes doesn’t sign with WWE then WWE will need to find a new opponent for Seth at WrestleMania 38. It’s possible WWE adds him to the United States Title match with Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

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