Cody & The Young Bucks On AEW Possibly Offering Talents Health Insurance


One of the biggest concerns around the professional wrestling industry is the lack of health insurance provided to wrestlers. With All Elite Wrestling (AEW) now coming into the fold, and wanting to do the best for both its talent and fans, perhaps that will change.

Yesterday, AEW held a rally in Florida to make some big announcements. When speaking at a post-rally media scrum, Cody and The Young Bucks fielded questions from media. They offered comments on AEW possibly offering health insurance to its talents. Here’s what they had to say:

Matt Jackson: “I don’t know if it’s something that [AEW President] Tony [Khan] would want to talk about further, but the big thing for All Elite is that we want to take care of the boys,” Matt said

“So many times you hear stories from wrestlers past or legends where they don’t have anything left and there’s nothing to show for it. One thing that we’ve always wanted to do is, if we started a wrestling organization, we wanted to take care of the guys. So, that’s one thing we’re working on.

“The executives are gonna have benefits and stuff. They’re gonna get taken care of. We’re in the day one process of that and we’re still working on it. But that’s the plan. Maybe one day. Never say never. We’re early on. We’re creeping up with that door barely open, so hopefully one day we can swing it wide open.”

Cody Rhodes: “A lot of concerns that guys will have is what happens if I get hurt in the ring? Because that’s the one thing WWE covers and we can confirm anyone that gets hurt in an AEW ring will be 100 percent taken care of by AEW,” Cody said.

“I’d like to see wrestling just like the television industry. I’ve done a few bit roles here and there but that treatment and that care you get for your time on-screen, you have a comparable influence as a pro wrestler. You’re just as recognizable and you should be just as taken care of.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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