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Colby Corino – ‘The NWA Is The Perfect Fit Me These Days’, More NWA News



Colby Corino believes the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is the “perfect fit” for him these days.

During a recent interview with WU Online, Steve Corino’s son opined on his current run in the NWA, his goal of winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On the NWA being the right fit for him now: “I don’t know. I feel like NWA and Colby Corino go together very well. I feel like every company has their own style. Don’t get me wrong, don’t put it on the Internet that I don’t want to work for all these companies. But I think right now, me and NWA are a perfect fit.

“Maybe down the line, I feel like me and WWE…I’m always gonna want an action figure of myself. I’m gonna want to bring my kid down the Walmart toy isle and be like, ‘Look, that’s daddy right there.’ Until NWA can do that for me, I feel like my destiny might be always be with WWE. One day.”

On his goal of winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title: “Oh, 100%. That’s the belt my dad held. So I don’t think that there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind that that’s where my destiny lies. I can’t go anywhere else until I get the Worlds Heavyweight Championship.”

In other NWA news, the following four matches have been announced for next week’s episode of NWA Powerrr:

* Pretty Empowered vs. Ruthie Jay, The WOAD, & Samantha Starr
* EC3 & Jordan Clearwater vs. TBA
* Blunt Force Trauma vs. TBA
* Trevor Murdoch & Mike Knox vs. The Fixers

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