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Colt Cabana Comments On Rocky Romero & Juice Robinson Ribbing Him In NJPW


During the latest edition of the “Talk N Shop” podcast, Colt Cabana commented on Rocky Romero & Juice Robinson ribbing him in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Colt Cabana on taking rolls of tape during an NJPW tour: “I had done one or two tours for New Japan, me and Yano were doing great, things were working. Obviously, I’m taking a roll here or there, of course, we all do it. It got to the point where I had this big clump in the bottom of my bag and I showed Juice [Robinson], and I shouldn’t have shown Juice. I’m home on a tour and I got a text like, ‘They know you took the tape and they’re not happy about it.’ I’m asking myself, did I fuck my whole New Japan career up over free tape? I thought I screwed up my whole career. I was panicking. ‘I’m so stupid, I’m so stupid.’”


Romero on the whole thing being an act to rib Cabana: “It was a rib. Juice told me, ‘I was hanging out with Cabana and he showed me his bag. He had like 17 rolls [of tape]. Wouldn’t be hilarious if we send him a text about it?’ [I sent the text], ‘They know about the tape and they are hot about it.’”

Cabana on how nervous he was: “I’m glad it was good for you, I sweating bullets. I was like, ‘I’ll pay you back!’”

(h/t – Fightful)

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