Colt Cabana Discusses Staying Quiet About CM Punk Rumors, Working On His Mental Health


Colt Cabana recently took to his “Art of Wrestling podcast” to discuss several professional wrestling topics.

During the podcast, Cabana discussed staying quiet about his current relationship with CM Punk, having shots taken at him on Twitter, and not discussing the matter with fans.


You can check out some highlights from the show below:

Staying quiet on his relationship with CM Punk:

“Many of you have noted my silence publicly with all that’s been going on with me. And that’s because I’m working on myself, privately. And I am not going to say it’s amazing or cured. It’ll probably take years or decades. Maybe I’ll never be fully healed or understand what my head and heart and feelings are going through.

But like the great Cody Rhodes once said, ‘Do the work.’ I’m doing the work. And I’m not here to bash anyone, or take shots at anyone. And I’ve learned that there’s no right or wrong. I can’t control what I can’t control, I’m trying to understand why I do things that I do and how I can control my feelings, and only my feelings, and try to become a better person.”

People taking shots at him on Twitter:

“My Twitter has been a wild s**tshow. [laughs] And it’s crazy how some people feel that their tweets toward you are like an acceptable move in life, like you’re allowed to do that. But I’ve also been really good about not letting that affect me, and also realizing that whoever’s tweeting this, you’re not a real human being. I guess you have a lot of work to do.”

Not discussing the matter with fans:

“Maybe you got a better idea of what I’m going through, and that I’m going through it. And also, maybe when I’m at a convention, you know, there’s certain stuff you don’t want to bring up. I think I’ve said that forever, you know. I always love talking to people. And I love talking wrestling, I love talking shop. But then once you bring up some stuff that has been traumatic for me over years, I shut down. And then you read on a message board somewhere that, ‘Colt’s a d**k.'”

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