Colt Cabana Is Reportedly Saying That WWE Is Using The Legal Route To Start Up Talks Between Them & CM Punk


As most of you remember, following CM Punk’s exit from WWE, he stopped past his friend Colt Cabana’s “Art Of Wrestling” podcast. During the podcast, Punk spoke a number topics ranging from why he left the company to his issues with WWE’s medical team. Punk stated that he was forced to wrestle with an MRSA infection, which lead to WWE doctor, Chris Amann, speaking out against the comments and that has culminated in the on-going legal case between the two parties.

According to the Dirty Sheets, Colt Cabana is going around stating that the reason WWE is upping the legal fees is because they want to get in contact with CM Punk. Punk and Colt Cabana have reportedly been ordered to pay $250,000 so that they can get a “discovery investigation” in their case going, which would allow them to get into WWE’s emails and see if there was any talks regarding Punk’s MRSA infection.


CM Punk can afford the fees, but Colt Cabana has reportedly stated that he cannot continue to lose money to this case.

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