Colt Cabana Reveals How He Changed The Culture Of Wrestling With Merchandise


During a recent appearance on the “Into the Danger Zone” podcast, AEW Superstar Colt Cabana commented on the role he played in changing wrestling culture with wrestlers selling merchandise, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how he played a role in changing wrestling culture with wrestlers selling merchandise: “When I’m on independent shows and I get there and there’s no table space for me, I’ll just be like, ‘man, this is so wild.’ Not that I was the inventor, but a group of my friends, like me and M Dog, and Chris Hero would be like, ‘have table space for us. We’re selling merch, nobody else is doing anything. Now there’s tables with like 75 wrestlers lined up across. I had a part in a change in the culture of wrestling, and for better or for worse, whatever. I think for better.”

On the rise of Pro Wrestling Tees: “I had a lot of t-shirt people beforehand, then we found Ryan. And Ryan, he was like, ‘oh the business is growing, I am going to buy six more machines.’ That’s how it worked. He’s just like, ‘oh, you, and The Bucks, and Adam Pearce are all getting shirts. Imagine if I could do this whole thing for you and I get a little cut. And you get a big cut and we do it all over the internet and I build a whole thing.’ Very early when there’s no money coming in, he spent $20,000 to build whatever Pro Wrestling Tees was. That’s not an exact number, but it’s just crazy to have that foresight and forethinking. Together, it all kind of grew. I had that hustle mentality and that foresight to see a little larger than trying to get a polaroid from one person in the ring. But Ryan saw even bigger, which is cool.”

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