Colt Cabana’s Latest Video + WWE’s Mid-South DVD, More


— WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has revealed the following Blu-Ray exclusives for the Legends of Mid-South WWE home video release that hits on September 10th:

* Ted DiBiase discusses getting his tires slashed by fans

* 1982 North American Title bout between JYD & DiBiase

* Mid South history in the Louisiana Super Dome

* 1985 Steel Cage match, Ted DiBiase & Dr. Death vs. Jake the Snake & Barbarian

* The Buzz Sawyer story

* Jim Duggan vs. Buzz Sawyer 1985

* Jim Cornette’s Favorite Moment in Mid South

* 1984 Cornette’s Birthday Party

* Bill Watts seeks help to battle Midnight Express

* Bill Watts & Stagger Lee vs. Midnight Express

* Dusty Rhodes talks Boyd Pierce, evaluating talent and more

* Cowboy Bill Watts talks about the late Ernie Ladd

— Here is episode 19 of Colt Cabana’s “Worst Promo Ever”:

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