Colt Cabana Speaks On Being A Comedy Wrestling And Returning To Ring Of Honor


Colt Cabana recently appeared on The Rack Radio Show Podcast. Here are the highlights.

What makes comedy wrestling special and what makes a good comedy wrestler: “You take the idea of wrestling, and that’s hard itself, and I think what people don’t understand is if you then add a crazy different element to it so comedy or high-flying, like if you’re going to do basic, Lou Thesz wrestling, that’s still hard but then when you add an element, like you look at a guy like Richocet or Will Osprey or even a Necro Butcher and you do these different divisions of natural wrestling or basic wrestling; it’s a different part of your brain that’s starting to work and we talk about it in the movie. You have to be a really good, skilled, basic wrestler to then become a good comedy wrestler; it’s not the other way around. You can’t become a comedy wrestler because you failed at being a regular wrestler; it is an art form and is really hard to do. You look at Kikutaro and he’s been wrestling for about 20 years and it’s something you really have to work at.”

His return to Ring of Honor and being part of “Final Battle” on December 2: “I returned (to ROH) on WrestleMania weekend and I did a, what people like to think was, an epic promo on why I should return. I got into it with Jay Lethal at a pay-per-view match here in Chicago. Yeah, I came back to Ring of Honor and I don’t yet have a match for Final Battle but I’m hoping to be there for Final Battle. I’ve been in there lately; Dalton Castle and I have been teaming, which I think is a nice little tag team and it’s been nice. I left there years ago with a little bit of a chip on my shoulder; a new regime kind of took over and I think didn’t know who I was, even though I was a part of the show since 2002. I don’t think it was any secret that Jim Cornette didn’t like me as a wrestler or my style. So, as he got me out of the company, I held a little grudge and as soon as he left, they invited me back but I said no thank you. It’s been 5 years and I thought maybe it’s time to come back and kind of have a nice, positive vibe in my life. I think by coming back and bridging those gaps, it’s been really nice.”

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