Colt Cabana to End ‘Art Of Wrestling’ Podcast


After 9 years on the air, Colt Cabana has announced he’s officially ending his weekly podcast, The Art Of Wrestling.

For almost a decade, the Art Of Wrestling podcast provided an in-depth look at the world of independent wrestling. From hilarious stories told by Cliff Compton about his travels in Nigeria to the infamous CM Punk podcast that spurned a long trial and even more legal ramifications between the two former friends, this podcast was one of the first wrestling podcast to break major ground in the medium.

Cabana also announced that he would be starting a Patreon account to allow his fans to have access to the backlog of interviews for only $4 a month. Also, if the demand is there, there will be more classic interview-style podcasts every now and again exclusive to the Patreon.

Colt Cabana will be doing a few more live podcasts, including one at STARRCAST.

What are your favorite Cabana podcast memories? Let us know in the comments below.

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