Column: 10 Wrestlers that Need to be in WWE 2K14


I don’t think there has been a game that has been complained about so much in the past five years. The WWE gaming franchise is comprised of a multitude of match-types, career mode, realistic entrances and the depth of their roster.

That’s the golden question though; the roster WWE has each and every year. It always seems like they missed a few important people on purpose, but the fans are never satisfied.

This will be the first year that 2K Sports will take over the very popular game and it is supposed to be very good, according to our source Joe Burgett.

His article on WWE 2K14 will enlighten you on its new features:

As he gets you up to date on the features of the game, let me go through the most complained-about aspect… the roster.

Needless to say, fans will never get what they want, period. Some wrestlers just cannot be added to the game via scandal, other promotion or even stubborn attitudes. Finally, the game will welcome back the Ultimate Warrior.

After years of neglecting Vince McMahon’s calls (supposedly), he is back and welcomed with a majority part in the game. Also, last year Macho Man Randy Savage became a part in the game. He had no part in the career mode portion, but just as a wrestler on the roster was very cool.

That is why I composed a list of 10 wrestlers that should be in the game, regardless of different contracts conflicting.

1. Chris Benoit – before all of you jump on me, Eddie Guerrero was/is in the game very recently. Benoit will be forever shrouded with doubt and negativity. Guerrero, sadly still is in some fashion. However, this is a game that is an imitation and has no effect on reality. I would love Benoit in the game, but of course, a fan base will be upset. WWE can’t keep everyone happy.

2. Kurt Angle – I’m certainly disregarding any contract conflicts that Angle currently has with Impact Wrestling, but I don’t believe gaming rights are an issue when Impact doesn’t even have a game. Angle would be a huge sell for WWE 2K14, as he is one of the most popular stars in history.

His music would be a must-have for create-a-superstar mode and the feuds he could enter in career mode would be fantastic.

3. Goldberg – Well, we have Ryback, so that’s something right? No seriously, I don’t know why WWE hasn’t asked Goldberg to be in the game just yet. His music, entrance, titantron and finisher would be a huge sell. In fact, Goldberg hinted at a return to the gaming franchise on twitter.

A fan on twitter asked that he would love to see Goldberg featured in WWE 2K14. Goldberg responded by saying:

“Careful what you ask for…”

4. Test – A lot of fans have been asking for Test to be in WWE gaming over the years. He was a former European/Intercontinental champion, as well as a Hardcore titleholder. However, his past is also full of regret and controversy.

He was found in his apartment dead in 2009 after an “accidental overdose of oxycodone”. It’s the doubt that WWE doesn’t want to be associated with. Regardless, Test was a great wrestler and fans would want him the game.

5. Umaga – This man seems to be forgotten in the shuffle. Umaga was the Samoan Wrecking Machine and a huge part in WWE’s past. The match against Bobby Lashley, in the Billionaire vs. Billionaire match was excellent. He also helped Santino Marella get over with the crowd, upon his debut.

Umaga did have an untimely death, but the official cause of death was acute toxicity due to combined effects of hydrocodone, carisoprodol, and diazepam. He was 36 years old. Hopefully, he’ll be in the game sooner or later.

6/7. Matt/Jeff Hardy – Just like Angle, I don’t believe Impact has a restriction on their wrestlers being in the WWE’s video games. In fact, Dixie Carter wants to cross-promote the brands. She wouldn’t have a problem with it. The fact is WWE’s tag-team division in the game would explode if it had the Hardyz involved. Edge and Christian are already in the game, so adding them would be even better.

Don’t forget the Dudleyz either; while that will never happen in WWE 2K14, to relive the triple threat tag match would be epic.

8. Dean Malenko – This wouldn’t be a hot seller for WWE gaming, but fans would want to re-live or even create matches with one of the greatest technical wrestlers of all-time. Malenko vs. Bryan or Malenko vs. Punk could create memories on just a video game. I am not sure why he isn’t in the game, but that should change soon.

9. Andre the Giant – Am I alone on this? I couldn’t tell you why he isn’t in the game already. His past isn’t controversial; he just died of being too big. The man was a veteran and it was said by many that he was simply a gentle giant. You could finally face off the Big Show vs. Andre the Giant. What wrestling fan wouldn’t want to do that?

10. The Entire NXT Roster and Show – I picked this last because of how awesome it would be. Wait, that makes no sense. However, if any of you have read my NXT results over the past month and continuing, NXT is simply awesome. One of my wishes would be complete if they had NXT as a show in the game and all of the wrestlers on the roster as well.

It would add another dimension to the game and also giving fans the option to create an NXT invasion.

I’m sure I missed someone, so I turn to you fellow wrestling fans. Who would you want to see in the game that I missed out on? I take all suggestions and the game comes out within the next two months.

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