Column: Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared: We Need Monster Kane Back


The Big Red Machine used to be able to creep me out as a kid. I was born in the late 80s, and when Kane debuted, I was pretty much just starting to watch wrestling when I could sneak around to see it. Kane would do horrific things that were perfect for his character. He was feared whether he had a winning or losing record.

What he could do in the ring rivaled all big men before him. He was strong and athletic. And his character was seen as top tier. So much so he ended up having a World Title run or two. But then the mid-2000s hit. Kane went downhill, and became more comedic or “fun”. He partnered with guys like Hurricane Helms and RVD, which were great teams no doubt.

The issue was that the singles star Kane went nowhere. Then he lost the mask. It was a huge deal at that point because WWE fans thought we’d never see it. The week he lost it, we instantly cared about Kane once again. He went on to become the monster we loved for almost a year.

Even a few years after this, he was still brilliant with his monster-like ways.

Then we hit another rough patch with him. Kane again was becoming an after-thought despite his ability to still do so much more. Again WWE gave us the Kane we loved; he even became World Heavyweight Champion out of it. To most critics, Kane was seen as a very good Champion. To me, Kane was doing everything I could want. His promos were great and his ring work was still good. Can there really be more needed? This veteran was proving his status, and that was only making people backstage happy.

This lasted for a little while, and then again we saw a Kane we didn’t care about.

But then, in 2011 things changed up with Kane. At the beginning of 2012, we saw a killer Kane again; he even brought back the mask just for kicks.

This Kane was getting over and doing well, again doing what any fan could ask for. But then he lost to John Cena, and it seemed this was the start of the downward spiral for monster Kane. The summer of 2012 we saw the rise of AJ Lee, who became RAW GM. She forced Daniel Bryan and Kane into Anger Management and we saw a lot of great comedic work from Team Hell No.

While I had no issues with this team, who held onto the Tag Gold for the better part of a year, I did have issues with what would happen after. I had to think, if Kane is going to be a singles star again, then what would he do? Who would he rival? Daniel Bryan would be the ideal choice, but he’s taken. So the heel Kane would make sense. However, since Kane has been a tweener most of his career, he could settle into any role WWE wanted him to do.

Kane has gone back and forth between face and heel roles probably more than any other Superstar in the history of WWE. I have come to the conclusion that there is no actual role for Kane. He is just a character that can be a great heel or good comedic face. People always say, “there is no in-between”, but for Kane that’s where he lives. It’s like purgatory, which can be literal for this character.

Right now, it seems like this is the time WWE would pick to actually make Kane’s singles character interesting again. He is not split from Bryan, he is in the perfect position to do whatever he wants, and really, there is no reason he shouldn’t be used better.

The best WWE can do is bring back monster Kane, because that is the person everyone seems to want. Now several do like comedic Kane, and I do too. But the character Kane has always been best with is his monster persona. I want to be freaked out again by Kane. I’m not saying give me a

Kate Vick storyline. Lord knows, seeing that today would put several children in therapy.

What I want is a movement of the monster. Even if he is a face, he can easily be the monster again. Have him snap and go after the Shield alone and take them out by himself. WWE could set up a story where he takes out this hot team in wrestling alone that he rivaled with others all of 2013, which would make us wonder why we didn’t see it before. The reason is simply that he works best alone and when no one else brings him down, he is unstoppable. When Kane is alone, bad things happen.

The new idea would not be how to stop The Shield. Rather, it would be how to stop Kane.

However, there is a ton of other concepts and ideas that certain creative people are paid to come up with. So that being said, I petition to them to do their job on this one and come up with a better use for one of the best characters in wrestling history who is still giving out 100% every night.

Kane did well in his rivalry with John Cena last year, but it ended short. There was so much more room to use Kane to the fullest. Now with the summer to build him and rest of the year really, there really is no reason we cannot have a monster Kane once again.

Why not at least attempt this, right?

But hey, maybe I’m just taking in too much big red smoke. What do you think?

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