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When WWE first began to create their Drug and Wellness Policy, chances are that they didn’t care to look into Alcohol issues for talent. While WWE does have the ability to see if talent has a drinking problem, it’s very rare that they demand talent not to drink.

However, they are told never to drink either the day of a show or a certain number of hours before one. And they especially are advised not to do so during interviews or press events. They represent the company in these areas, and the WWE will not put up with talent putting a black eye on their company professionally.

So far, only a few wrestlers have actually acknowledged their drinking problems. Very few have gone to rehab over an Alcoholic addiction only. Usually it is combined with other drugs which are causing several more problems and they go to rehab for this, not the drinking issues.

In this article, which is a continuance of the Drug and Protection Policy series I have done all week, we are going to dive into Alcohol and its effect on the human system. We will also dive into why WWE does not love an Alcoholic in their company.

In moderation, having a drink is not a bad thing according to health experts. Some doctors even advise women to have a small glass of wine while pregnant. Of course this is controversial among health pros. But many health advisers and professionals have never been up for telling their patients or groups of people that drinking at all is wrong when you are of age.

However, it’s when you abuse Alcohol and get drunk that the real problem starts.

The moment alcohol is put in your body, you are instantly putting in a poison according to your body. The body fights back, by producing an enzyme we have developed that health pros call “alcohol dehydrogenase”.

This is a fancy word and definition which basically helps to break down the alcohol and get it out of the body, usually through the urine channel.

At times, you can overload your body with alcohol causing you to throw it up along with your dinner as well. But we’ll get to that later.

Now, the AD gets to start its work once the alcohol reaches the stomach lining and liver. The liver is a primary part of your body that helps to get most of our toxins out of the body along with the kidneys. Without either, we’d be in a lot of trouble.

Death is pretty much a fact. One can live without their kidneys by having Dialysis a few times a week. But this is not something that people can do for decades. One will get toxins at one point in the body which will kill the person eventually.

Going back to the AD, it works in a cool way. It goes after the hydrogen atom off the ethanol molecules coming from the alcoholic beverage you took in. It then makes it into a non-intoxicating acetaldehyde, which acts to help clean out the alcohol similar to how New York is cleaned up after a New Year’s Party in Times Square.

The acetaldehyde kind of sucks in a way, as it is basically what your hangovers are caused by. When you drink less, this part does not affect you nearly as much. But when you drink more, it sucks more. That’s pretty obvious of course.

When you drink, your body does what it can to move the drink out as safe as possible. But, this does not mean you cannot damage yourself with every drink you take in.

Usually, drinking in moderation is fine. Having a cosmo with the girls on the weekend or having a beer with the guys on game day is not going to be a bad thing for your body as we just found that your body will get rid of it. However, it’s when you drink every day or too much in a given day that the problem starts.

Our brain will tell us that we need more over time because the effects of the alcohol on our body will not work as well the longer we drink. And when one is drunk, it’s rare you see them turn down more to drink. This makes things even worse for them body wise.

When you put it in your body, you start to do damage to the B vitamins, such B1, B2, B3, B6, and B12. You also hurt the areas were you’ll fine folic acid, vitamins C and K, zinc, magnesium and potassium. All of these are essential to the human body and when damaged, you can seriously start to do damage to your body.

The B-Vitamins are what helps in your GI and Brain function. When damaged, you risk issues in all of these areas. Both the GI and Brain areas have more nerves than your entire body combined. The GI holds more nerves than the Brain surprisingly.

B-12 gets a lot of press alone, but it’s not the only B-Vitamin as I mentioned a few above. But, the reason it’s popular is due to its clear help in brain function as well as GI.

You can even get shots of B-12 as well as pills over the counter from any pharmacy to help boost it. But when Alcohol gets in, no matter what, issues with B-12 will occur.

The blood is messed with in several ways when alcohol gets in, but the B-Vitamins may be the one area that I’d worry over most after the liver.

If we dive into how it hurts the liver, we will find several issues. As we went over above, is a major need for you. Your body has to have it to work right. Alcohol can hamper the liver’s ability to process fat. It also can cause liver disease and toxicity. This will lead to even more problems with organs surrounding the liver, as well as the blood.

Alcohol most certainly damages the dendrites. It’s the branches part at the end of a nerve cell in the brain that brings messages into the cell. When this is damaged, it can seriously hurt how a person thinks, reacts, and takes in things like memories and information.

This is why when you drink a lot then wake up in a bed with someone, you may not realize how you got there or who the person is. It’s simply due to the fact that new information is unable to be taken in each time said information or memories come in. Sometimes you may start to remember a bit, but rarely do you remember everything after a big issue.

This is really why Hangover 1, 2, and 3 were as beloved as movies. It was the ultimate in what happens when you drink too much.

An incident happened with Jeff Hardy at a TNA PPV called Victory Road years ago. He was impaired from alcohol among other things. It was a black eye on the company and all it stood for. He was suspended for his actions at the event as he should have been.

But, even today the TNA roster is told to not do any drinking before events. Of course, WWE has always had this rule as when you drink, you impair your brain. You can not only hurt yourself, but the person you’re in the ring with.

This is ultimately the problem in the wrestling industry. Sometime people care less what you do to yourself; it’s if you hurt someone else where the problem starts and ends.

This was ultimately why Hardy was reprimanded, and why he wasn’t allowed to hold a title in TNA for some time. WWE was careful with Hardy and never let him hold a World Title for longer than 2 months due to never knowing what he would do.

The body will get addicted to alcohol due to the fact it thinks it needs it, when it simply does not. Alcohol has a powerful effect on the body and the brain itself. When you take it in and abuse it, you clearly are in a world of trouble inside your body. And professionally, you risk a lot of issues too.

People wonder why homeless men are homeless. One reason is due to several suffering from alcoholism. A man by the name of Ted Williams was given a golden opportunity with his voice to make something of himself. He was given money, fame, and a chance.

Then, he threw it down the drain with alcohol yet again. And this is a common problem in several people per year. Alcoholism has been a problem for centuries, dating back even to biblical times. Today, WWE has a policy on it that states while they do not ban alcohol with their talent, they do not allow it to be consumed before shows/press events.

They simply cannot show up drunk or drink at events. Which is fair to me. However, they have asked some not to drink at all when it becomes a problem for them.

They offer free rehab, which helps a lot. Talent now has a chance to get clean then come back to be a part of a roster that makes guaranteed money each month.

But what do you think? Is WWE light on Alcohol and ask too little for their talent to follow? Should it also be banned for talent fully? Let me know your thoughts on everything below in the comment section.

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