Column: Eva Marie Proves You Can Suck As Long As You’re Hot


I have an issue with something people of the Internet. My issue is one that maybe someone else can answer. Maybe no one can. I just don’t get this, and how it happens. How do you go on a TV Show and sound fine, yet appear on a wrestling show and sound like you’re taking your first acting lesson?

New Diva Eva Marie is quite the beautiful woman; I think many of us can agree on that. I am happy with her hair color and it makes her stand out well. Her beauty makes her someone I want to look at often. But, her acting makes me want to change the channel.

It’s seriously like watching a train wreck to be honest. The TV Show “Total Divas” is quite a big success for WWE on the E! Network. I have watched both shows and feel that WWE has done well with the show. In fact, it may be my favorite reality show in quite some time. Marie does an impressive job on the show and does well with what WWE asks of her.

She’s not wrestling yet, but she is getting into some trouble. So she’s someone to watch. Yet both times she appeared on WWE TV, her acting went from being seemingly good on Total Divas, to a nightmare on WWE’s normal weekly programming.

Some will say that she is not acting on Total Divas, as it’s a reality show. And to those I say HA!

Keep in mind, most reality shows are scripted. They basically have them involved in certain things and then see what they do with it. In the case of Marie faking that she could dance, this was scripted. But she had no clue that she’d meet with Stephanie and be told what she was told. So some real came out in this area.

I do want you to keep in mind that some performers have lied like this in the past. So WWE was just playing off of what they formally saw in the company. Usually however, someone would be reprimanded if they did this. There is no way she remains on any TV Show WWE has as she would be taken of all WWE programming. Obviously, she’s on every Total Divas show they filmed so far. So you are of course seeing a scripted moment.

She does fine in the interview part of the show that each girl gets involved with to keep the show connected. However, despite how well she seems to be in “real life”, she cannot bring that out on WWE’s weekly programming for whatever reason.

Marie is 28 years old, so WWE probably felt that they had to use her now while she was still young enough to be big for them. My thought was that she’d end up as a manager and help out someone as a leading woman for them, similar to what Trish Stratus did when she first walked into WWE.

The issue is, the girl cannot act. I didn’t expect her to know how to wrestle yet. Lord knows, we cannot sign girls who know how to wrestle before they enter the company, right WWE?

That’s not to say she cannot be taught and learn well. Summer Rae is an example of how someone with no wrestling background can walk in and pick up wrestling quite well and become a success out of it. So the formula is there in NXT. The issue is, when you cannot play a character or act, why should you be featured on TV?

It’s sad for WWE I assume. They most certainly want to put her on WWE programming. Her beauty alone is worth seeing on weekly TV. Not only that, but she is actually Hispanic. WWE loves building on this audience.

Along with that, she is someone that people can watch from the ground up.

So it’s a blow for WWE to have a person like Marie that they cannot do much with. What is even sadder about the whole situation is that she has both a modeling and ACTING background.

She cannot wrestle and cannot act, so why is she on WWE-TV?

When it comes to Total Divas, she is just fine. But you cannot use her on normal programming as of this point, because she’s just not good enough.

Jo Jo is 19 and doing fine transitioning over from one show to the other.

She’s not even the one they want to promote highly, despite using her quicker than they do most divas. Yet Marie is getting all she can handle in the push side of things, and she’s not even that good when going from one show to another.

Of course, this can be improved on. But I’d take Jo Jo over Marie any day. That’s only because Jo Jo is young and already good, word has it that she is not doing too bad in the ring in NXT either. Her ceiling is very high and for someone short, this could be a good thing. Marie is tall with a very small ceiling left above her head at 28.

It will take her an average of 6 months to a year to get trained enough to be on TV and begin wrestling. Her acting can get better, but it’s doubtful. What’s sad is that any other Diva would not even be allowed on TV with the same acting chops that Marie has. They may, just may allow her to do valet work. But no mic would be given.

She has a good voice, beauty, and overall she has the potential to be very good. But when you are two different people when shows are switched, that does not make you appealing to the company or its fans.

If she was just there to look good, then I don’t think any of us would complain. But without substance, you’re nothing in WWE. They have plenty of hot divas. If not, they can hire a new one. Marie is not irreplaceable at this point in her career. It’s a revolving door of hot girls consistently walking in with head-shots.

If she wants to remain on TV after Total Divas, she can either learn how to wrestle as well as Bret Hart or seriously improve the acting skills she lacks a lot in. One is quite easier than the other in my opinion.

If she does not improve, she will be sent to NXT and given a chance to improve there. Hilariously, she’s already worked in NXT to try to improve in several areas and has yet to do it. The show has been filming since Wrestlemania time.

We’re in August, so that means Marie has been on WWE’s payroll for four and a half months. The average training time for a girl is 6 months to one year. So I assume WWE will stretch out that 365 days well. It’s sad that she has not improved in the acting area yet with over 4 months of training in.

If she does not do well by the end of the year, don’t be surprised if you hear us announce her release on EWN.

But what do you think? Is being hot enough to be a Diva anymore? Are you a fan of Eva Marie? Let me know your thoughts on her below in the comment section.

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