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WWE has changed around its Drug and Protection Policy quite a lot in recent months. But many do not realize why. Many want the hardcore stuff back, and several still do not realize long-term complications this will cause. Many also do not know why WWE is so big on drug control in their company.

So, I have decided to do a series of articles to help you understand why they are big on both of these being done correctly.

In these series of articles, we will examine Drugs and The Body and the problems WWE is trying to address. I will also be telling you stuff that you may not need to know, but due to the article needing to be as accurate as possible, I am including it. Just be responsible with the information given in the series.

When it comes to drugs in wrestling, two are the most common, steroids and pain killers.

This article will be on the Steroid side of things.

People may ask why steroids are popular even today in a world where being big is not as needed as it used to be. The reason is simple, just like pain killers, steroids also help in pain. They dull areas and kill of inflammation.

Steroids are commonly used medically for sinus related issues. On top of that, they are used to help with pain. The type wrestlers would want to get a hold of would be the ones that help with pain of course. They are used a bit less than they were 10 to 15 years ago. But mainly because they work so well for pain, they have been on the rise in the last 10 years.

Anabolic steroids seemed to be abused the most by athletes and bodybuilders. They cause a multitude of issues when abused to get bigger.

An average athlete will not take them orally, rather do injections.

This is mainly because it hits the blood system faster and more of the steroid will be used within the body. Where your gastrointestinal (GI) system would take away some effects of one’s done orally. Both can be effective, but injections win every time. You also risk less GI side effects this way.

With blood tests however, the injections come up quicker than oral. But both will get in the blood at one point or another. So don’t think one way is better than the other to avoid a drug test problem.

When one abuses steroids, you have a ton of problems. But you also have good things happen. Weight gain is one of the good and bad. Weight gain if you work out is helpful. As the muscles will do well with the weight you are getting, and you will get bigger in your arms, legs, and torso. Without working out, you will increase mass in these areas but it will look fatty and not like you are heading to the next body builder convention. But, you can get too big, which can cause several other issues.

So the look of what ‘roids give you can be good. But, the bad far outweighs the good.

The number one problem to worry about with steroids is heart related problems. It can increase the mass in it like the rest of the body. You also have to worry about liver and kidney damage. Your creatinine levels will be high over time and both will fail eventually. Creatinine is how doctors measure kidney and even liver functions among other tests. But this blood test is one they take very seriously. You can ask for yours to be tested the next time you visit the doctor in fact, as they are happy to run the test for you.

Among the steroids, people also abuse soft drinks and energy drinks in the athletic world. No, this does not include Powerade or Gaterade which are actually good for you. The energy drinks such as Monster and Rockstar mess with the heart to a point where it can clearly overdo itself. You average resting heart beat will double at times while on this. Then put in steroids, which also speed up the heart. You start to see the issue?

Oh, and think of energy drinks as well here. They also affect the liver and kidney. Due to both helping to rid the body of waste and chemicals the body does not need, they will overwork each other if you have to get rid of the drinks plus steroid. Don’t even get me started on how hard they work to rid your body of alcohol.

So you see how these few major problems can affect your body via steroids and normal things you may consume. You have to think of what drinks the average person who hits the gym goes to when doing tests on issues that go with steroids. When we simply associate the steroids for pain use, we have to think of alcohol combination. Many turn to alcohol in pain times, which combined with steroids is basically a death sentence over time.

It’s scary at what steroid abusers do not realize they are doing while on drug. Like I mentioned, even a certain drink combined with the drug can cause problems even more.

However, steroids can be safely used for pain. If you get them every other month or so, you can get one shot at a time for pain troubles and be okay for a while. Staying in shape along with this can help your life.

Seeking chiropractic clinics will also help with issues with the body in pain.

At the end of the day, this is the true problem wrestling had to rid itself of. Steroids played such a major part in their history. And they did nothing about it and people still hold a stigma on it with WWE and other wrestling companies.

Steroids clearly are still in play today in the Indy business. And they are easy to get on the street if you know who to talk with. While steroids are a very good area to go to when there is a clear need, such as when you have a sickness. Turning to them is a bad idea.

At the end of the day, your entire world changes when you have steroids in your system. Testosterone increases, which is where people get ‘roid rage from. And other normal body chemicals get overused. Paranoia is at an all-time high.

Your body feels like it has to move, as your tendons, joints, and muscles feel like they need to be used. They may feel tight for example. So working out is quite common or doing work to keep yourself busy to get rid of energy can be common too.

The Joints and Tendons are really at a bad point, as they can snap easy with steroid abuse over time. So a person like Batista who I think we can all agree was on them, would have multiple issues with this. And he did, having multiple arm injuries because of a weakened joint/tendon area. And no, it was not due to long time wrestling abuse.

It’s doubtful he was on them while on the main roster with WWE. But, the chances he was before he entered WWE would be quite high. And as you will see a lot from this series, past issues never go away.

Other issues with steroids are quite numerous. Depression is quite common, as the psychological things that come with steroids when abused mess with the brain. This is how paranoia and mood swings with steroids start too. Usually depression happens upon abuse, but your average person getting a steroid shot while sick will not experience it.

Also, don’t try having kids on this stuff as testicle shrinkage will occur in abuse. And lower sperm count happens as a result.

Hilariously, while people feel steroids are the only way to turn to get bigger, you have to work out for them to work anyway. So, why not simply work out to get bigger and have a proper diet? This is safe and works most of the time. But you have to keep it up for it to work right.

So really, when you think about it, steroids are quite a big deal. Even when they are not used to get bigger. So you can see why WWE is so big on helping talent stay off of them.

This has been Part 1 of the series. Stay tuned for Part 2. What do you think about WWE’s Policy at least on the steroid end of things? And should WWE allow talent to use the steroids even under a doctor’s permission barring surgeries? Let me know in the comment section below.

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