Column: Summer Solstice: Why Summer Time Won’t Go So Fast


With today being a long day, literally, I feel we should get prepared for our future. Ok, I know this sounds like an infomercial, and we still do have time for that.

By the way, this column is brought to you by Pringles. You can’t eat just one.

But no, today I want to talk about summer.

That’s right, Summer. We look forward to it, we can’t wait for it to be here, and then we beg for it to stay. Some get crazy and move to warm climates just so they can remain in it. This is why I think WWE was smart when they named current WWE Diva Danielle Moinet, Summer Rae. They wanted to be sure they gave us someone we wanted to see, and begged to stay.

Some of you may know Summer as Fandango’s dance partner. Personally, while I do love Summer, I am with most of the people in the world who still did like the former dancer. Btw, anyone got her name yet? No reason….

In any case, going back to Mrs. Fandango, I mean Summer. She has made quite a name for herself in her short time with the main roster. I for one, have known of her for years and even interviewed her back in 2011, a few months before she signed with WWE that November. I know, I have good timing.

I only asked one wrestling related question, simply trying to see if she enjoyed wrestling. She happened to be a big fan. I interviewed Summer because she was one of the stars of the LFL or Lingerie Football League.

Apparently it’s not all Lingerie. I was disappointed too.

Summer was known for literally clotheslining girls and slamming them into the ground. Apparently there were fewer rules in LFL. Take note Roger Goodell.

When I saw her play, I always thought she would translate well to WWE if she ever considered the move. She had modeling to her credit and when she signed with WWE, there were several people across the world writing articles or comments about how WWE hired another dumb blond model.

Oh but were those words unwise. As Summer is not just another model. She is smart in what she does. If you see her in the ring, she is tactical, precise, and the story she tells is “whip-yo-ass”. I remember telling a friend that if Summer were to be that girl who comes in and actually wrestles, not that girl who comes in and tries to look good. Then she would be one of the most popular Divas in the company. And go down as one of the all-time greats.

It’s mainly because no one expects it. She had no prior wrestling experience, and she’s “just another blond model” right?

The thing that Summer brings is that she is different. She likes to surprise you and make you think, “Wait, is that Summer doing that? Can Divas do that?” To me, Summer is the most must-see Diva WWE has right now.

They may bring her on TV as a dancer, which will change eventually I’m sure. But look at what she does down in FCW with a very good Diva group.

She stands out with people such as Paige still sitting on the roster. In their NXT rivalry, most thought that Paige would far outshine the then NXT announcer. But not only did Paige look good as always, but Summer was shocking people by how good she was. This was so successful, NXT actually centered around a Diva storyline for the first time. There’s a bit of a rumor going around that most of what happened for the story were the ideas of both Paige and Summer. Talk about when two great minds think alike.

Paige interrupted a match to begin the show and the two even had a main event level match to end their rivalry. Throughout her build up, Summer was doing submissions. That’s right, submissions. And not your Michelle McCool heel hook type of stuff. We’re talking things like the Indian Deathlock. Her technician style made her stand out to several. While Paige has long time been considered the best female wrestler WWE had in FCW. Summer had the charisma and style that could make her work well with anyone.

While bold to say, she is similar to how The Rock was right before Nation of Domination. He was not standing out greatly. But he was doing well. He had good in ring skills, but his skills on the mic and charisma carried him.

He kept on improving in all aspects and eventually became the star of the NOD.

Summer was in an area where you didn’t know her much. But she hit and hit hard with what she could bring to the table. Then, she kept surprising you every single week. Even her worst match was better than most Diva matches you saw on RAW and SmackDown weekly.

She is a one in a million talent that is here in WWE right now. She is not a girl from the past and not someone we should wait to see 10 years from now. The ultimate package of what the WWE wants, what the IWC wants, and what the average fan wants in a female talent is right there in Summer Rae.

She has the look of a top Diva. She has the style of a champion. And she has the work ethic that rivals even most men on the roster both now and in the past.

While simply a dancer on TV currently, you’ll find that she will surprise you once again with what she has the ability to do. You heard it here on EWN first, Summer Rae is THE girl to watch in wrestling.

But this is just my opinion of course. I want to know yours. What do you think? Is Summer the one to watch, or is there another we should be concerning ourselves with? Tell me below.

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