Column: The Wyatt Family Debuts: Should We Run Yet?


“Parents, quit lying to your children, telling them monsters aren’t real! Monsters are real. I, I am real”

The Wyatt Family, while they may not be monsters, are some freaky guys from the Louisiana territory. They have been talking about coming to WWE for months now. Everyone was waiting for the big debut, and we all hoped it would be amazing.

All night long, WWE was building anticipation. Who were they coming to get? When would they arrive? Why oh why did they send a .COM guy down to the Wyatt compound anyway?

Right after Kane was done with his match, he stood in the ring seemingly about to leave. That was until another video came up. This time it was Bray himself. He spoke of War, and how he knew of it. That he created it. He then said that this was not the beginning, but the end.

It seems that Wyatt was trying to preach the prophecy of end times that several cult leaders use to bring in lost souls. He says that he has no followers, only brothers and sisters. But is this man a leader or simply another face? To me, both Rowan and Harper are his followers despite the words of Wyatt himself.

This may be interesting in storylines in the future possibly. After Bray spoke, the real fun began.

Bray Wyatt took a lamp, lite it, and then told us, “We’re here”. Then, he blew it out.

Instantly, the WWE fans were hooked from all around the world I bet. No matter what type of fan you are, whether you were excited to see the Wyatt Family or not, you wanted to see what was going to happen with them. And rightfully so, after the major build they had.

The music of the Wyatts hit. They came out to a large pop. I know I didn’t expect the fans to do that. I for one was excited, as everyone who knows me or has read my past articles can tell you. But, I figured they’d come out to a mixed reaction. Rather, the crowd was very behind them.

Kane was then attacked by Harper and Rowan while Bray sat back and watched. It was a brutal attack, and one we most certainly want to know more about next week. I’d be willing to bet we’ll find out more about Kane tonight. My worry is that he will not be in Money in the Bank. If he is not, then who will take his place?

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Bray was that guy?

Of course, they could go without using another person. Maybe even have the winner of Ryback/Jericho get a spot in that match. There are several possibilities. I heard Shelton Benjamin was free.

With Kane going down, it’s pretty much certain that Kane and the Wyatts will be involved in a story possibly at Summerslam. That said, rumors are all over the ‘net that Undertaker will be involved in the angle.

It’s said that Taker is a big fan of the Wyatts and wants to work with them. Especially with many not knowing how much longer he has left. All that being said, Taker is still nursing injuries.

This would mean Kane would have to recruit some help. Daniel Bryan seems unlikely as the main story going around is that he will be in a program with John Cena at Summerslam next month.

The Wyatt Family has the potential to work with anyone really. The gimmick is quite versatile. Bray Wyatt is a dreamer who has seen the future, trying to be the prophet to the lost world. This can work with anyone in my opinion.

The ideal people to work with would be Undertaker and Kane. The only other that people would truly want would be The Shield. Shield makes no sense at this point, so the Brothers of Destruction are the best option WWE has.

If I am booking this my way, I’d try and hold off Bryan’s push with Cena until Survivor Series. Then have him help in the Wyatt storyline. This is mainly because his whole gimmick works for it. And he could be corrupted a bit by Bray and his message.

Bryan talks of being the weak link and no respect. Why not have Wyatt start to slowly make him think about being involved with his cause? From there you plant a seed that could grow and then potentially make the Wyatts an even stronger alliance. Bryan’s brain is already unstable. This can be exposed even more so in a story with the Wyatts who feed on these types of people.

Kane, while unstable, would be too strong for a turn to the Wyatts. And well, normally those attacked do not tend to go with another group.

Unless your name is John Cena or CM Punk. Then technicalities get in the way.

Undertaker is a similar case with Kane. Most thought he’d come back to help take down The Shield. Now we have a rumored Wyatt story. So, something has to be decided. And eventually one group will have to be Takerless.

The Prophetic Bray could have a very interesting rivalry with The Deadman. But, it’s all in what WWE wants to do. For now, after Bryan and Kane, there is no one that stands out for a legit first rivalry. None of them can do it alone either. So it’s up in the air now. What will WWE do?

I guess we’ll have to find out next week, maybe even as soon as the Money in the Bank PPV this weekend.

The Wyatts have a lot of potential. And after the pop they got this past week on RAW, it just proves to me that they are in line for a major push in the near future. All that being said, the debut to me was a 10/10.

Twitter exploded even before they came out. The world was abuzz before they even arrived. When they did, no one could stop talking about them. I certainly am one of those people.

But what did you think? Did the Wyatt Family impress in their debut?

What would you of done different if they didn’t? Also, what type of rivalry would you want to see with them?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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