Column: The Wyatt Family Push Starts With A Shield Rivalry


WWE Superstar turned WWE Executive Triple H has been in quite the pickle the last few years since becoming part of the executive team.

Triple H is doing a good job with talent and is handling many very well. The issue comes down to his “projects”, which never seems to work out in the end.

His last two projects famously were Sin Cara and Kharma. For the most part, the Kharma issue was beyond his control. She was an awesome part of the Diva squad, and she was going to make an impact right away. However, she chose to get pregnant and thus, WWE had to take her off TV.

This was the right decision by WWE and they even left her job open for her to return to. So it’s not as if she didn’t have a place to go when she chose to wrestle again. So Triple H was not responsible for the dissolution of the Kharma character.

Sin Cara however, is someone that you can blame Triple H at least half way for. Sin Cara was a major draw as Mistico in Mexico. He was seen as the best luchador in the world by many critics in Mexico. And if you saw his work there, you may think the same. The biggest box office attraction in the country for wrestling was now in WWE, what could go wrong?

The WWE Style is what went wrong.

Well, maybe not so much the style but how Sin Cara took to it. They eventually made it to where they darkened his matches so you could not see his mistakes. You guys do know we can see this in HD at home, right WWE?

In any case, we had to put up with the “Botch Cara” phenomenon. He eventually got hurt and many thought he would go to NXT to learn the WWE style.

In the infamous words of Dean Ambrose, “NOPE”.

WWE still didn’t have him learn the style like they make every other damn wrestler learn when they come in, even those with great Indy talent.

Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were in NXT for close to 2 years. Both could do well in what WWE’s system was at the time. Ambrose was ready to go since day one. Yet both were down in NXT while Sin Cara was on the main roster screwing up weekly? He’s getting pushed because of Triple H, so many felt this could continue to bomb if Cara never improved.

Triple H is a smart man, and for the most part, he has pushed some interesting concepts and ideas. But you have to think that his next project would need to succeed at least for psychological reasons.

We always hate hearing the words “Vince McMahon project”. This is mainly because Vince has some stupid ideas that he pushes on us that we do not take to and hate since day one. Khali and Kozlov, need I go on?

In order for Trips not to fall into the same category of hate, he has to come up with concepts and ideas that push people that the WWE fans want to see.

Right now, he is the one behind the Wyatt Family. For the most part, fans have been eating up everything the Wyatt’s have done. Many have waited to see Bray Wyatt and his family for months before they were even announced to be “coming”.

So with this being said, the Wyatt Family really has no choice but to be great. The issue is that WWE already has a heel stable that is doing terrific in The Shield. Many believe that the Wyatt Family will take their spot as the best faction in WWE. I feel this could be a bad idea as The Shield has been a proven team since November of 2012. It would be wrong to push them out of the spotlight for a new group when they are still hot.

That is not to say that WWE should not push the Wyatt Family. They obviously should do so, especially Bray Wyatt. Currently, WWE is running an angle for Kane and Bray to go at it in the Ring of Fire. This is not a bad way to build Bray. You’d have him beat Kane, then go on a streak eventually colliding with a possible champion.

He could easily be worthy of an Intercontinental Title run. The US Title is around the waist of Dean Ambrose. The Tag Team Titles also belong to the Shield as Rollins and Reigns currently hold them. So it could be interesting to possibly see the Wyatt/Shield rivalry start earlier than expected by turning Shield face and keeping the Wyatt’s as heels.

I think if you were to have the US Title change hands from Dean to Bray, this could set up a big issue between the two factions. I don’t think a better story could go on after Summerslam outside of the WWE Title.

With John Cena most likely leaving for surgery, Brock Lesnar going out for a while, and CM Punk possibly moving toward a rumored World Heavyweight Title match. It would be moronic to not try and see if there is anything with a Wyatt/Shield rivalry.

I am with everyone who wants The Shield to remain as heel performers. But with the Wyatt Family, they have no choice but to be a face team because they will simply cheer them over the Wyatt’s. There is really no alternative there. They are so hot at this point, they are getting cheered anyway.

The characters would still be edgy if you ask me. But they would not be heels, rather, faces. What better way to have the Wyatt’s look good than to beat the faction that has ripped through the entire roster…twice?

This seems to be the way most of the stories are leading. The Shield pretty much has nothing after Summerslam. There is no one contending with Dean for his US Title after Summerslam, and most think he will retain. The Tag Team titles are not in jeopardy either.

I think the first established Shield/Wyatt rivalry will come in the Tag Team scene.

Rollins and Reigns have no competition currently, so a #1 Contenders match will have to occur. The Uso brothers would take on the Wyatt’s. The Wyatt Family would win this match up, and that would set up the two leaders to get involved in some way. That might set up a match with them.

If Triple H is smart, which he seems to be, he is probably already thinking of ways to push the Shield/Wyatt factions but also the Wyatt Family in general. This rivalry could go on really well probably for the next few months. It could eventually lead to a Survivor Series match even.

How interesting would it be for the place The Shield made their debut, to be the place they disbanded?

Triple H was somewhat behind The Shield faction too. So it seems that he would want to push the team but also disband them eventually for the members to have singles careers. This means the Wyatt Family would be the new top faction. But in order to do this, they have to remove The Shield from that equation. The best way to do this is by taking them out.

The story could be very good and could possibly be interesting enough along with the main event rivalries to help WWE during their worst time of year, football season.

But what do you think? Should Triple H and WWE push the Wyatt Family and Bray in particular to the top faction? Or should WWE simply try to go another direction with the Louisiana Cult group? Let me know your thoughts below.

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