Column:TNA’s Stupidity with Kurt Angle’s Rehab May Cost Them


In the latest craze of TNA idiocy, we have now seen something I find to be completely idiotic. Now if I am being honest with all of you, I have never been a massive fan of TNA. I like several wrestlers there, but the stories normally suck and minus the matches and ladies, I find it barely watchable. However, one of the bright spots TNA has had over the years has been the Main Event Mafia.


While I was never for TNA pushing the older guys on us, I felt that the Mafia fit in perfectly because they were facing the younger talent in the first run. Now of course, they are facing mainly former WWE stars in the Aces and Eights. But I digress.

One of the men in the group was and still is Kurt Angle. Said to be the face of TNA, Angle has had several issues with the law since coming to TNA. However they really occurred after the separation from his now ex-wife and new Mrs. Jarrett, Karen.

It’s hard to say whether or not the divorce and all did this to Angle, but from a psychological and sociological stand point, it would make sense. Angle’s main problems have been DUI’s. While it is a common thing to see for talent, it’s usually just once. Angle’s latest issue with the charge was his fifth I believe.

No matter if it’s five, four, or one hundred, you have to wonder what is wrong with Angle. Kurt did the responsible thing after his latest issue and entered himself into rehab. But let’s be honest, it was probably “advised” by the court or his lawyer to do so. And TNA/Dixie Carter probably also requested he do it.

So let’s not pat the former Olympic Gold Medalist on the back too much. However the good thing is that he will be getting help. Or is he?

According to Dixie Carter, TNA has decided to postpone the 5 on 5 match between Aces and Eights and the Main Event Mafia. I expected this to happen, as there would be no way that Angle could be involved if it happened at Hardcore Justice. Either that or the match would be changed up a bit. I felt the latter would make more sense.

But Dixie did not suddenly switch the match itself up. Oh no, she simply postponed it to August 22nd. While I am okay with the postponing itself, it seems to be idiotic on TNA’s part in some ways. Why?

They are making it August 22nd because they want Angle to be able to work the match, yet the event is literally taped the same day as Hardcore Justice. So it really makes no difference. I know, shocking that TNA would hope that a person in rehab would be out just in time for the event, right?

Otherwise, why would they postpone it? You could easily make it 4 on 4, as it would be completely fine to do. Angle’s not going to be there, so you simply go a man down. Or, you could make it 4 on 5. There are several options.

TNA obviously thinks Angle will be just fine in rehab and will be out by this week or kayfabe next week, so they made the match by then. This would mean that they are rushing the man to get out of something to better himself. Not only is this crazy but also irresponsible on TNA’s part.

You can troll this article all you want or you can tell me I’m nuts. But you DO NOT rush someone to get done with rehab. While I get that Angle is needed in TNA, he is helping himself get better so he does not put an even bigger black eye on TNA’s face by getting in trouble again.

Rehabilitation is a slow process for those who have severe issues. It is obvious that Angle has an alcohol problem. Rehab is different for everyone. Angle may be fine by August 22nd or this week. But that would simply be under one month in rehab.

While it is common for people to spend one month in rehab for alcohol problems, for someone older, the time is usually a bit higher. That is not to say Angle’s brain is not smart enough to train itself to do something. But the problem in drinking gets tougher to stop as you age. Your body needs the alcohol to work over time, especially if the drinking problem has been going on for a while.

It’s sort of like if you walk to school the same way everyday then suddenly you have to walk another direction. You’ll want to go the same way, but you cannot. It takes a while for you to train your brain to get over something it is so used to doing.

There are people that are called functional alcoholics. These people have to drink in order to be normal and do daily tasks. Without it, they seem drunk. So they are better seemingly on the booze than off of it. This can be a major problem as it can slowly start to kill them.

I am not saying Angle is one of these people. However these types of people are hard to detox and put into recovery because it’s literally one of the hardest things in the world for them to stick to.

Because most rehab is voluntary, people end up leaving a lot of the time. Angle obviously seems to want to get better, so I do not see him leaving until he is fully recovered or at least at peace with things.

Angle would not have entered rehab if he simply liked to have a drink after work. Again, while an average for alcohol rehab may be one month that is by no means something that TNA can stick to and believe to be ultimately true with Angle.

It’s different for everyone. So you cannot go by an “average”, especially for a person that has had several issues with the law for DUI’s. TNA is being idiotic to try and rush the issue.

Some say, well why not have Angle just show up for the event and go back to rehab. Of course, he could do this. But the problem with that is that rehab is a constant thing. You don’t just go and come back. You stay and deal with things. The counselors and doctors do not know how well you will act when you leave the program. So, they request you stay until the entire program is completed for you.

Angle entered the program to get better, and it seems TNA is only thinking about themselves and not the man. Angle has broken his back for TNA over the years; he has worked major matches and even helped to put them into a place to be noticed more. So why not let the man deal with his demons instead of forcing things?

Keep in mind too that rehab is just one part of the puzzle for Angle to solve his alcohol problem. So there is far more to this than entering into a place to detox and talk to counselors.

Another stupid move by TNA may land Angle back into more issues. Don’t be surprised for Angle to get arrested again or for this match to change up once more.


Because TNA in their infinite wisdom have backed themselves into a corner, and if Angle is not good to go, they have to change things up once more.

TNA would be better off having the 4 on 4 match at Hardcore Justice and then have Angle rival one of the members from Aces and Eights when he’s good to return. But hey, what do I know?

I’d love to know your thoughts on this below. Should TNA be rushing the recovery of one of their top stars? Will Angle be good to go come August 22nd? Let me know your thoughts below in the comment section.

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