Column: Who Could Be Gone From WWE Soon?


– There are quite a few talents on the WWE roster that really don’t seem like WWE is planing a future for them, especially because of all the NXT talent WWE seems to want on the main roster.

– Who could those possible talents be?

Below are just a few talents I think will be released soon, or will get a major push for a comeback,

– Camacho (could be potential if a new character for him opens up)

Curt Hawkins


– Rosa Mendes and/or Alicia Fox (to take out the old and bring in some new NXT divas like Charlotte Flair, or Paige)

– Yoshi Tatsu

– Below are two WWE Superstars who I think have great potential in the future,

David Otunga (may get some hate for this one but David has great mic skills)

– Ezekial Jackson (would love a storyline with him and Ryback)

– Tell me if you disagree or agree down below!

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