Column: WWE Lifespan: The Clock Will Strike Twelve For All


With Money in the Bank upcoming and some being rumored to retire, as well as seeing so many part-timers coming in. I felt it would be good to bring up an article I wrote a little while back. I have added some to it, but not much. As the original worked out so well. I hope you enjoy it.

The clock strikes one, and you have no worries.

The clock strikes two, and you begin to wonder.

The clock strikes three, and you finally begin to see.

The clock strikes four, you see the light under the door.

The clock strikes five, you think about the knife.

The clock strikes six, you realize your life you could nix.

The clock strikes seven, and you wonder about heaven.

The clock strikes eight, you realize you can’t get past fate.

The clock strikes nine, again you feel fine.

The clock strikes ten, you know life was a win.

The clock strikes eleven, once again, you wonder about heaven.

The clock strikes twelve, does your life end in wealth?

The familiar sound of the ticking clock is the one we cannot stop. It will keep ticking because while all things change at one point or another, the one constant is time. It will keep ticking, and keep passing on with no way to even halt it.

You keep your pulse going as much as you can, you hook up to machines and keep yourself alive. You do whatever you can, but sooner or later, the clock will strike at the time your destined to pass, and you will go. There is no changing fate.

But, the good thing is that your life can be filled with glorious events that make your life worth living.

I guess that’s why some become professional wrestlers. They see a time in their lives that they can really enjoy life, and enjoy living every day. Some live only for the moment of going out in front of a crowd and hearing the cheer or the boo.

Could it be that some die because their life blood is gone once they retire? Sure, drugs and every other thing they did before could be the cause of this as well. But I treat it like a dog clinging to his sick master. He stays alive just to keep the master company in his last days. Then when he dies, the dog soon dies as well, as he has completed his life.

So, maybe some wrestlers stay alive past expectations because their life blood is there, that being the fans and wrestling itself. Then, after they complete it, their destiny is fulfilled and they move on. Their mission is complete.

Though the clock strikes 12, time can still keep going. It doesn’t end with just a move to the numbers one and two. It starts over. Which is why some religions believe once life ends in one life, you move on to another. Reincarnation if you will.

Life does indeed move on for all, but this is especially true for wrestlers. Because even though they have a life many would want to live, they are just like everyone and will die off.

They go on everyday knowing this, and we do too.

But they do often cheat death and the time they have to live.

Tick, tick, tick.

The clock is getting close to the time, like a dime you have a heads and tails chance to be alive another day.

They say tails never fails, but is heads ever dead?

Maybe some act like Two Face, and live life by the chance of a coin. Problem is, in life there is no one-sided coin, there are always two sides and there is always a chance at life and death.

Wrestlers do often take chances and it’s actually funny that some can come back from long term injuries and miraculously be fine.

Shawn Michaels, for instance, went away for years due to chronic back issues, he then came back for another 10 years, proving to some that he really is the best of all time.

Some would attribute his miracle of long-term health to a higher power. But, I take some issue with that. Because while God may give the ability, the man must also put forth the effort, otherwise what was the meaning in God’s healing?

I could have a broken arm, but until I start using it again off and on, how would I know it was better? What, because a doctor told me it was?

No. Doctors, God or whoever you believe heals you, gives you the ability to be in a perfect health situation. But until you really put forth the effort to take advantage of the healing, then the work in that healing was all for naught.

How do wrestlers cheat death, defy gravity, defy simple laws of nature? Some would say God or something along those lines, and while that is a determining factor most likely, no matter your belief, the person is always the one who puts himself through the daily pains.

Edge once said, the only way to be a true pro wrestler is to know you’ll be in pain everyday. Now, he is gone. He can never return. All after giving us years of his life, and after doing things most normal men could not do. And then he went out wrestled the next night.

Once again, we wonder why they do what they do.

Is it for themselves?

No, the true reason is simply the fan. Whether it’s 100,000 people, 1,000 people or one person; they will put on a show just to satisfy even one. The art of a true pro wrestler is never caring about the size of the crowd, but about the ones you touch.

However, the time still does come to go toward the end times of a career; to the end times of a life.

The clock strikes, and the days of a man will finally be over.

But what will his legacy be?

Will it be one in which he is never remembered?

Or will it be a life that touched many, some he never thought he had touched?

Will a person go toward the bright light in peace, with no regrets? Or will they go to the darkness, regretting most of life?

Life is what you make it, but can a wrestler enter their heaven knowing they did all they could to be remembered?

Really, that is yet to be determined. Life is full of possibilities, and the future in one’s life can change in an instant. It is said that destiny can change in the blink of an eye. But to me, destiny doesn’t change.

No, destiny will always be constant. It’s how long you take to reach it that will be the big factor in it all.

To me, we are airplanes traveling through the skies. One day we will land, but how far will we go before we do?

It’s up for you to decide really. But for the wrestler, it’s a constant battle of what will be. And this lasts every day for them. We as fans love to cheer or boo the wrestler. But in the end, it does bit matter about the affiliation, character, or ability. They go out to entertain and risk their lives doing so, and that should be respected if nothing else.

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