Column: Wyatt Family Values: Killing What is Already Dead


How do you kill what is already dead?

It’s a question that several try to answer in the religious world. In the world we live in, usually the character of someone in a wrestling company does not tend to dive into the religious side of things. We tend to want to keep them separate because of how controversial things can be.

It is said that the two things you never try bring up on TV for a program is religion and politics. When I was in broadcasting school years back, we dove into memorable religious issues people dealt with at the workplace. You’d be surprised at how much is backfired not only for the company, but for the people who worked for it.

So, why would WWE use a religious story or character? It’s simple, the controversy.

Eric Bischoff once said, “Controversy creates cash”. For the most part, he’s right. It’s all a marketing ploy.

From the title of an article online to how the inside of a store is designed, it’s all a way to sell you on something. Whether you agree with it or not is literally meaningless.

So it is not crazy to see many of us being overly emotional when it comes to things that hit us right between the eyes with emotion. Whether the emotional response or good or bad does not matter, it’s the fact that it brings a response out of you. And that is what WWE is trying to do with these characters that we have seen involving the religious world.

CM Punk thought when he created the Straight Edge Society, that he would be getting into issues that people thought was a bit too far.

Really, he was right. The SES brought out great emotion in WWE fans. I was one of the people who they got an emotional response out of. This goes to show you how powerful the message was and how great it was delivered.

The Wyatt Family is similar to the SES. It’s not so much that they are going around saying they are better than you because they are clean. In fact, only one person does the talking. Bray Wyatt is the unquestioned leader of the Wyatt clan. As a result of this, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan do anything Bray wants them to do.

Two men who are large individuals doing anyone you want? Well, how can you go wrong?

The character of Bray Wyatt is that of a cult leader. He basically does as any cult leader would do in tell you truths mixed with lies. What Wyatt says has a lot behind it. He is not telling you something that is not true at times. However, that is the catch. He tells you something you agree with, which gets your attention. Then once he has you, he then puts his beliefs on you. You then start to believe as he does, which can be bad, because that means you’re caught.

Every cult leader seemingly believed they were God or something similar.

Whether you believe in a higher power or not is really no concern. It’s simply a fact that these people seemed to think of themselves as the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Bray Wyatt’s character is one that believes in everything he says. Like any cult leader, whatever message he sends out is one he is firmly are behind in his own right.

If he didn’t believe what he said, then he would not say it. So whatever Rowan and Harper do or say is a direct reflection of the man they learned it from.

By taking these men out, you accomplish nothing because they are simply pawns. This is why you need to go to the direct source, Bray himself.

You have to make him believe he is not what he says he is. The cult leader must be taken down in order for him to believe he is not who he really is, yes. But how do you do it? The Ring of Fire is one possible way and it totally isolates Bray. Kane, Wyatt’s opponent at Summerslam, is known for his use of fire.

Kane has done some memorable things with fire, and several are very non-PG to say the least. Ask MVP how the burns are healing up. Kane has been in every Inferno match WWE has put on. So when you bring in the Ring of Fire, there is really no one more suited to be in the match than the Big Red Machine.

The Ring of Fire a match that is supposed to keep people out, but it also keeps people in. Why is this an issue though? Because Kane and Bray have to go one on one and if Bray does not think he can die, he will be willing to take more risks than Kane. Many I’m sure will involve the fire surrounding him.

Kane is otherworldly in character. But he knows that he is not invincible. We don’t know this about Wyatt. Bray is seemingly crazy with a side of nuts. As a result of this, he’ll be very willing to do things that make you wonder and at times find quite disturbing.

His saying is, “follow the buzzards”. It means that wherever he goes, death and destruction follow. The buzzards are there to find the scraps of war. You have to stop him before he reaches this level, and in order to do that, you have to take him out.

If Wyatt is to go down, you have to make him believe he can. It is well documented that a psychological problem can hurt you just as much if not more than a physical one. So if Wyatt’s world crashes around him and he is left to see what he truly is, he will then be beaten.

This is why I am a bit ticked WWE won’t allow either man to be set on fire. If Bray were to be set on fire, he would easily realize that the fire does not tickle. Fire is not afraid of him because fire is a substance that has no fears. It has no friends, enemies, or companions. It associates itself with very little, and is known in the chemical world to be a destructive force.

Bray has yet to prove he is such. He has said a lot of words, some with substance, and some with fluff. But at the end of the day they are only words and actions speak louder than all of them. He has to show that he alone is the force he claims and that he is not a weak man hiding behind strong men.

The Ring of Fire is a match that Wyatt has to win if you ask me. Kane doesn’t have the greatest of records in the Inferno match, the Ring’s cousin. So I am not going to be surprised if Kane does not win in a similar match. However, one thing is quite clear when it comes to this match.

No matter what, something will be proven. Either Bray Wyatt will become a false prophet, and a cult leader of many colors, mostly in the shade of red. Or he will become a man of ends yet seen. The buzzards cannot find what is not destroyed. So I expect Kane to go down hard if he goes down at all.

If Wyatt loses, I expect him to not go quietly.

WWE is smart to push this sort of thing today because it is certainly is controversial. But the issue is not so much controversial when it comes to Wyatt just yet. I feel that after Summerslam, we will start to get an even broader message from the Wyatt Family.

How do you kill a man who is already dead? The answer is that you can’t.

When the unstoppable force meets the immovable object, it surrenders. So who will be the one who gives in at Summerslam?

Will Kane go down to Wyatt or will Wyatt go down instead? Let me know your thoughts on this below.

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