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Complete ROH Manhattan Mayhem Results


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Jonathan Gresham vs. Dragon Lee: Lee beat Gresham in the BOSJ earlier this year. Gresham has put on some size since then. They work into counters right away, and end in a stalemate. They trade strikes, Gresham takes control and looks to ground things but Lee fires back and follows with a dropkick; tranquilo. He kicks Gresham in the face and Gresham fires back with chops and they trade. They go crazy fists and chops, Gresham fires up and hits Lee in the dick with a backhand and starts attacking the arm. He grounds him and locks up both arms while mocking Lee. The tequila sunrise follows, and Lee escapes. Gresham argues with the ref, continuing to show heelish tendencies and then goes back to the arm of Lee. The hammerlock slam follows for 2. He stomps at the arm, follows with chops and Lee fires back but Gresham takes him down and continues to attack the arm until Lee hits the dropkick and bullís horns. The shoulder breaker follows, but Gresham blocks the knee strike and they trade strikes center ring. Gresham follows with an enziguri, knee strike by Lee but Gresham rebounds with a DDT. Snap German by Lee and the rebound German by Gresham follows for 2. They work up top and Lee trips Gresham into the tree of WHOA after trading strikes. The double stomp follows and then the running knee strike gets 2. Lee drops the kneepad, hits another knee strike and covers for the win. Dragon Lee defeated Jonathan Gresham @ 1015 via pin [***Ω] This was a very good opener, and I love Gresham working a more heelish style.

ñ Matt Taven arrives and is wearing a Red Sox jersey for some cheap heat in NYC. Taven runs down NYC and says the last time he was here he won the ROH Title. He recently threw out the first pitch at Fenway, which was the greatest moment of his life. It will get better tonight when he ends his feud with Lethal. He will prove the critics wrong because heís Matt Taven. Kenny King arrives and says that Taven is a lame ass champion, and adds that the Yankees suck. King doesnít care about what Taven did in the past, and wants to do live and unpredictable shit and wants his title shot tonight. He wants added to tonightís match. Taven says he agrees with the fans and King needs to shut up. He will be happy to add king to he list and accepts. Lethal arrives and brawls with Taven.

The Bouncers vs. Soldiers of Savagery vs. Coast 2 Coast: Bruiser & LSG begin. LSG lays in chops and Bruiser battles back with jabs. He bites LSG and Ali tags in as Khan also tags in. They lockup and Ali follows with chops. Khan then hits the side slam and Milonas tags in with Moses. They trade shoulder tackles, strikes and trade center ring. Moses unloads with strikes hits the corner plash but Milonas cuts him off with a slam. But LSG tags in and Khan tags in as the SOS work double teams. Khan hits a suplex, chokes out LSG and follows with chops as Moses tags in. They work quick tags and double teams, LSG fights back and tags in Ali. Ali hits a superkick, head butt and corner splash until the SOS hit a double team DDT for 2. It breaks down and bodies fly to the floor. Milonas gets posted, and the SOS double team Bruiser. They slam Bruiser through the timekeeperís table. The ref tosses the SOS and DQs them but the match continues as C2C hits dives. They then isolate Milonas, blockbuster by LSG and the frog splash by Ali gets 2. Milonas fights back, dumps LSG and closing time finishes it. The Bouncers defeated Soldiers of Savagery & Coast 2 Coast @ 7:30 via pin [**Ω] This was solid with the right team winning an the SOS being protected in loss.

ñ The Kingdom attacks the Bouncers post match and lays them out with chair shots. They then run down the top contenders on the mic and claim that they are the real #1 contenders for the tag titles. Vinny then puts out a cigar on Bruiserís chest. OíRyan then calls out Rush for their match.

Rush vs. TK OíRyan: They brawl at the bell and trade strikes and chops. They work into lucha passes, and Rush follows with a running back elbow. He dumps OíRyan and follows, and backing, OíRyan attacks with strikes. Rush fires back with a head butt and OíRyan plays keep away but Rush follows him to he floor and gets dropped by a big left. OíRyan follows with strikes and posts him, and back in and OíRyan covers for 2. He lays in knee drops, and covers for 1. The suplex follows, he rolls into another and hits the third and does the Eddie shimmy. He then covers for 2. OíRyan lays in rights, but Rush battles back until he runs into a spinebuster for 2. The fishermanís DDT connects for 2. Rush spits at him and fires up, absorbing strikes, and dares OíRyan to keep throwing and then hits a snap German and running knee. He slams OíRyan to the barricades, running wild on OíRyan. Rush gets the chair and poses. Back in and Rush hits the kick to the head, and an overhead toss to the buckles. The bullís horns finishes it. Rush defeated TK OíRyan @ 7:45 via pin [***] This was good with OíRyan putting in a good fight but Rush eventually winning an continuing to come off like a complete superstar.

ñ A masked fan (Dalton Castle) attacks Rush post match and slams him to the barricades and posts him. In the ring and Castle hits the Bullís horns on Rush.

ñ We get a Jay Lethal video package.

ROH Championship Match: Champion Matt Taven vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kenny King: Alex Shelley joins commentary, he challenges for the championship in August in Toronto. Taven powers to begin and that leaves King to attack. Jay fires back and they work into counters, but Taven pulls Jay to the floor as King hits a tornillo. He rolls Taven back in and hits the spin kick, covering for 2. Taven fires back but King takes him down, follows with kicks and Jay is back in and lays in chops. King then cuts him off with a neck breaker and then a clothesline for 2. King grounds the action, Taven back in and dropkicks King. It breaks down here with all three hitting and landing and Taven eventually covering for 2. He follows with chops on Jay, and then pummels him in the corner. The rolling neck beaker follows for 2 until King makes the save. Taven then works over King and the DDT gets 2. He takes King up top and follows with chops and strikes. King slips out but Jay joins them and traps King with Taven in the tree of WHOA. Hay hits the sliding dropkick and then one for King. He covers Taven for 1. Chops to King follow and the cartwheel dropkick connects for 2. He and King trade strikes, lethal combination by Jay and the cover gets 2 as Taven makes the save. he slaps Jay, follows with chops and they trade, enziguri by Jay and then dropkicks King and covers Taven for 2. he dumps King and follows with uppercuts on Taven and the lethal injection is cut off by King. They all trade strikes, enziguri by Jay, superkick from Taven and King follows with lariats on both for the triple down. King heads to the apron with Jay, follows with strikes and they trade. Taven hits kick of the king and then follows with the suicide dive onto both. The tope then wipes out King. Jay follows with a suicide dive, hits another, and follows with a third. He roll King back in and heads up top and then hops down into the figure four but Taven hits the frog splash onto King, covering for 2. Taven locks on a figure four on King, but Jay flies in with the top rope elbow drop but misses Taven, King rolls the figure four as Jay locks on the crossface. King escapes and breaks it up, it breaks down, chin checker by King, kick of the king by Taven and then an enziguri on Jay but King flies in with the double blockbuster for 2. King pulls Taven up, the royal flush is countered into a cradle for 2. Just the tip follows, but Jay hits the lethal injection and covers for 2, great near fall there. King now hits the injection on Jay and follows with royal flush but Taven hits the climax for the win. Champion Matt Taven defeated Jay Lethal & Kenny King @ 16:10 via pin [****] This was a great match with a very good layout, a really hot closing stretch and great teases of Lethal actually regaining the championship. Most importantly for his run, Taven retained clean. Shelley was great on commentary here.

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