Complete Schedule For WrestleReunion Inside


Here is the complete listing of event for the weekend’s WrestleReunion event…

Friday 1/27

10:00 am- VIP Registration opens

12:00- 1:30 pm Mike Lano History of LA Expo (VIP Only) VIP Exclusive: Celebration Seminar of California Wrestling. Mike Lano leads a photo and video presentation into the history of theSoCal Territory. Notable members of LA’s history will be in attendance including longtime lead play by play L.A. lucha libre show announcer Miguel Alonzo, “Judo” Gene Labell, Jeff Walton, Art Williams, Mando Guerrero, Dario Romero (Ricky Romero’s brother), Bob and Jerry Christy (son’s of Ted/Vic Christy), Pepper Martin, Rock Riddle, Sandy Parker, Barbi Dahl, Pepper Gomez’s widow Bonnie, Kenji Shibuya’s widow Carol, Jesse Hernandez, Billy Rogers, Jack Armstrong, Carlos Mata, Black Gordman, Fritz Von Goring, Paul Diamond (original).

12 noon – List of Wrestlers signing on Friday

Superstar Billy Graham (signing following CA Wrestling Seminar)

Magnificent Mimi (signing following CA Wrestling Seminar)

Dick Beyer “the Destroyer” (signing following CA Wrestling Seminar)

Gene Labell (signing following CA Wrestling Seminar)

Dark Journey (times TBD at Hollywood Book and Poster)

1:30-2:30 pm- Arena Chicks mini-show (VIP only)

2:30-4:00 pm- Colt Cabana Podcast w/ Mikey Whipwreck (VIP only)

4:00-5:00 pm- Q&A with New Age Outlaws & Mick Foley (VIP only)


5:00 pm- Three Faces of Foley Deluxe Photo-Op($20 each)

5:15- Cactus Jack

5:30- Dude Love

5:45- Mankind

5:00 pm- New Age Outlaws Video-Op $40

6:00 pm- Shelley Martinez Deluxe Bikini Photo-Op $30

6:00 pm- Fifi The Maid Deluxe Bikini Photo-Op $30

6:00 pm- Raven Video-Ops $30

7:00 pm- Dragon Gate pre-show Meet & Greet (front 3 rows only)


OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 11:30 pm- Special $5 Wrestling Live with Colt Cabana and Marty DeRosa (all tickets are $5


9:00 am – Conventions opens

Tori Poch at RF Video Booth Opens (appearing until 12:00 pm)

Dark Journey at Hollywood Book and Poster (appearing until 2pm)

Billy Graham and Rosita appearing all day courtesy of Scott Epstein

9:30 am

Mick Foley Video OP ( as scheduled)

Vader Deluxe Photo Op (until 9:45 a.m.)

Fit Finlay at Booth (appearing until 11:30 am)

10:00 am

God Father & Ho’s Deluxe Video Op (as scheduled)

Supreme w/ Sage Sinn & Kano at MEXPW Booth (appearing until 1:00 pm)

Sara Gene Underwood at American Icon Booth (appearing until 12:00 pm)

Ivan Putski at American Icon Booth (appearing until 12:00 pm)

10:30 am

Miss Tessmacher *Bikini*Deluxe Photo Op (until 10:45 am)

Nitro Girl Spice *Bikini* Deluxe Photo Op (until 10:45 am)

Rhythm & Blues Deluxe Photo Op (until 10:45 am)

Honky Tonk Man at RF Video Booth (appearing until 1:30 pm)

11:00 am

Dreamer & Raven Deluxe Photo Op (until 11:15 am)

Scott Steiner Video Op (as scheduled)

Konnan at RF Video Booth (appearing until 2:00 pm)

Kris Kloss at MEXPW Booth (appearing until 4:00 pm)

11:30 am

Papa Shango Deluxe Photo Op (until 11:45 am)

Miss Tessmacher at Booth (until 1:30 pm)

12:00 pm

Scott Steiner Deluxe Photo Op (until 12:15 pm)

Kevin Sullivan Video Op (as scheduled)

Ken Shamrock at American Icon Booth (until 2:00 pm)

Dan Severn at American Icon Booth (until 2:00 pm)

Larry Zbyszko at American Icon Booth (until 2:00 pm)

12:30 pm

Steiner Brothers Deluxe Photo Op (until 12:45 pm)

1:00 pm

Vader Video Op (as scheduled)

Kevin Sullivan & Rick Steiner Deluxe Photo Op (until 1:15 pm)

2:00 VIP/GA Autograph and Photos begin

VIP Guests appearing until 5pm


Rick Steiner

Mick Foley

Kevin Sullivan

Great Sasuke

Tommy Dreamer

Scott Steiner

Carlos Colon

Big Van Vader

Charles Wright (Godfather)

Kevin Von Erich

Mikey Whipwreck

BG & Kip James

Harry Smith


Spice (Nitro Girl)

2pm Vendor Guests Include

Shane Douglas at TRUE Vendor Booth (2-6pm)

Tajiri at RF Video Booth (until 5:00 pm)

Chavo Guerrero Jr. at RF Video Booth (until 5:00 pm)

Sid Vicious at American Icon Booth (until 4:00 pm)

Brutus Beefcake at American Icon Booth (until 2:00 pm)

Greg Valentine at American Icon Booth (until 4:00 pm)


The Messiah at MEXPW Booth (until 5:00 pm)


Mike Tyson at American Icon Booth (until 6:00 pm)

Lanny Poffo at American Icon Boot (until 6:00 pm)

5:00 Jimmy Hart Video Op (as scheduled)

6:00 Convention ends

7:00 pm- Meet/Greet for people seated on the first 3 rows for the PWS show.

8:15 pm- PWS Supershow begins

Sunday 1/29 (No vendors) – ALL EVENTS OPEN TO PUBLIC


9:00-11:00 am – Breakfast of Champions ($49 random table, $75 to select table)

Tables Available

Table 1 Kevin Von Erich (SOLD OUT)

Table 2 Scott Steiner and Rick Steiner (SOLD OUT)

Table 3 Big Van Vader and Colt Cabana (SOLD OUT)

Table 4 Tommy Dreamer and Mikey Whipwreck

Table 5 Molly Holly / Nitro Girl Spice

Table 6 Kevin Sullivan and Raven

Table 7 Fit Finlay and Harry Smith

Table 8 Godfather and Jimmy Hart

12:00 pm Meet & Greet for PWG show (Rows 1 & 2 only)

1:00-4:00 pm – Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Kurt Russellmania 3

General Admission $25

2nd Row $50

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