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NewsComplete **SPOILERS** For Tonight’s Episode Of WWE NXT (12/19/23)

Complete **SPOILERS** For Tonight’s Episode Of WWE NXT (12/19/23)



WWE taped tonight’s episode of NXT back on December 13. You can check out the complete **SPOILERS** for the show below:

Match Number One: Fallon Henley defeated Tiffany Stratton with a rollup.

After the match, Stratton attacked Henley and they fight to the back with Stratton dumping the contents of a trash can on Henley.

NXT Men’s Champion Ilja Dragunov had a promo where he talked about what he accomplished in 2023 and what he plans to accomplish in 2024.

Ilja is interrupted by Ridge Holland. Holland says that he is back in NXT and is looking for redemption. He tells Ilja that he is not looking for a match now but he wants to win some matches to get a shot at Dragunov. Ilja says Ridge doesn’t have to wait and he will give Holland a match tonight.

Trick Williams confronts Ilja Dragunov in the back and wants to know why he is giving Ridge Holland a match. Dragunov tells Williams that he is the challenger and the champion picks his matches.

Match Number Two: Lexis King defeats Dion Lennox in a Breakout Tournament First Round Match. King advances to face Riley Osborne in the semifinals.

Trey Bearhill comes out after the match but King escapes the ringside area before Bearhill can get to King

Match Number Three: Izzi Dame and Kiana James defeated Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail When Hail was pinned by Dame when Hail had Kiana in a kimura but James was not the legal person in the match. Riley Osborne was in the crowd to watch the match.

In a locker room segment, Perez comments on the tag match. Grace responds to Perez’s comments and Perez slaps Grace.

Match Number Four: Dragon Lee defeats Charlie Dempsey and Joe Gacy to retain the North American Championship.

All four members of the No Quarter Catch Crew are in the ring when Dragon Lee makes his way to the ring and Kemp, Gulak, and Borne take a step back so Dempsey is Lee’s opponent.

Before the match starts, Gallus’ music plays and they make their way to the ring. Joe Coffey adds himself to the match.

During the match, Mark and Wolfgang are sent to the back by the referee. Joe was outside the ring and he was mysteriously pulled under the ring while Lee got the pin on Dempsey with Operation Dragon.

After the match, No Quarter Catch Crew attack Lee and Joaquin Wilde and Cruz del Toro make the save.

Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes have a segment in the locker room.

Cora Jade enters the locker room and talks about how she is back. She takes back her locker, that is being used by Karmen Petrovic. She takes down Karmen’s name plate and then throws Karmen’s gear out of the locker.

Karmen enters the locker room and wonders what happened to her stuff. Gigi tells Karmen that Cora did it.

Match Number Five: Tavion Heights defeats Luca Crusifino in a First Round Match in the Breakout Tournament. Heights advances to face Oba Femi in the semifinals.

Match Number Six: Nikkita Lyons defeated Tatum Paxley.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger are in the back talking about their match against Gallus.

Match Number Seven: Wolfgang and Mark Coffey (with Joe Coffey) defeat Hank Walker and Tank Ledger

Match Number Eight: Ridge Holland versus Ilja Dragunov in a Non Title Match goes to a No Contest when the referee stops the match after Ilja Dragunov suffers an injury during the match. When Ridge tried to counter a submission by Ilja, Ridge gets Ilja in a front face lock for a suplex but gets Ilja up and drops Ilja on his head. The medical staff and officials come out to check on Dragunov. They call for a stretcher. Ilja is put in a neck brace and stretchered out. Ridge shows concern over what happened in the match and the referees talk to Ridge.

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