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Complete **SPOILERS** From Tuesday’s iMPACT! Wrestling TV Tapings In Mumbai, India


Thanks to Himanshu D for passing along the following spoilers from Tuesday’s iMPACT! Wrestling tapings from India:

* Low Ki vs Caleb Konley: During the match, a suicide dive by Konley caused Low Ki to bleed near the eye. Low Ki wins. Sonjay Dutt’s music plays and he comes out wearing an eye patch asking if Low Ki knows his name. He tells the crowd to tell Low Ki what his name is. He sees Low Ki is hurt om his eye so ge asks how does it feel to be on the other side. Sonjay Dutt talks about years ago when they wrestled at Elks Lodge. He says there is no Homicide or Hit Squad to hold him back. He says they’re in Mumbai, India. He says if Low Ki is a man of honour he would give him a title match. Low Ki shakes his hand to comfirm the match.

* Vinaash Verma vs Davey Richards: Davey goes after him right from the bell. Some hope spots for Vinaash, a somersault attempt is missed by him and Davey puts on the ankle lock for the submission win. After the match, EC3 comes out and whips Vinaash with the belt. James Storm’s music hits and EC3 escapes the ring as he runs in.

* Laurel Van Ness (w/ Sienna) vs Rosemary: Sienna tries to distract the referee but Laurel accidentally pushes Sienna off the apron and Rosemary gets a rollup for the win. Sienna and Laurel attack Rosemary until Allie comes out with a kendo stick (more like a broom) and hits them both with it. After the heels leave, Allie and Rosemary are in the ring. Rosemary snatches the kendo stick but instead of attacking her with it, drops the kendo stick and smiles. Allie looked tense the whole time.

EC3 comes out wearing an Indian dress with Ethan Singh 3 on the big screen and custom music. He is accompanied by a translator. He says he is EC3. “Loser” chants from the crowd. He talks about his lineage, says his great great great great grandfather was born in India and is a full blooded Indian. He says you’re with me and I’m with you. He tells the translator to translate what he said. He says India is a land of rich cultural opportunity. He says Impact Wrestling in India is making history. He says he’s rich and he doesn’t see culture in a third world hellhole. “Loser” chants from the crowd again. EC3 says when it comes to history he’s not here to create it, he’s here to destroy it. He says he came to find zen and tranquility, instead he found despair and anger. He says Sony and Impact deserve each other because they’re just like the people out here. He says his name is EC3. He says he is the best guy here, the best guy there and in a country of 1.3 billion he is the best anywhere. He tells the translator to translate but he wouldn’t do so. EC3 says he shall be punished. He takes out his belt and whips the translator. Storm’s music hits and he runs in. EC3 tries to whip him but Storm kicks the belt off his hands. He is about to whip EC3 with it but he escapes. Storm brings the translator back in the ring and they pose to end the segment.

Josh Matthews out for a match wearing his GOAT shirt. He asks if the crowd knows who Scott Steiner is. A million people watched on YouTube as he made his return to Impact. He says he has handpicked his opponent. He says was in the 2008 Indian Olympic Team. He says he was in the Bollywood film Sultan. “You can’t wrestle” chants. He introduces Sandeep, a fat wrestler wearing a singlet. Josh takes him down with a hip toss and taunts to the crowd. He did the bit where he spins around his opponents’ back and slaps his head to make him look stupid. Taunts to the crowd again. An arm drag and a dropkick shocks Josh and he kicks the ropes out of anger. He is pissed at Sandeep. He gains control of the match and hits a Swanton Bomb on him, followed by a Steiner Recliner for the submission win. Josh Mattgews wouldn’t let go of the hold and Mahabali Shera comes out. Shera botches a lift to the shoulder and he tried it another time. Lashley comes out and attacks Shera. He clothesline him and Josh puts Shera in the Steiner Recliner. Alberto El Patron’s music hits and he clears the ring. He poses with Shera and his GFW Title.

* Trevor Lee vs Braxton Sutter (w/ Allie): Trevor Lee attacks right from the bell. He hit a deadlift German suplex for a two count. Trevor dominates the match until Trevor goes after Allie outside the ring. Braxton catches him as he’s about to lay his hands on Allie. Back and forth until the Pepper Shaker Neck Breaker gets the win for Sutter. Allir and Braxton are celebrating in the ring until Sienna’s music hits and she’s out with Laurel. She tells Braxton to get that stupid look out of his face,he wears a beanie in India, it’s a 150 degrees. She said everyone thinks Allie is so innocent and pure. Tell her why Allie attacked her with a weapn for no reason? She says since Allie wants to act as a wrestler, she can be a wrestler. Allie and her pal Rosemary. She asks if Allie thinks Rosemary has a decent bone in her body. She says we’ll see if Rosemary even shows up.

* 10-man gauntlet for the Sony SIX invitational with a trophy at ringside: Over-the-top elimination with a new entrant every 90 seconds, until the final two when it’s pinfall or submission. Suicide and Sydal start off. Davey is the next one in, followed by KM, Davey eliminates Suicide, Swoggle is the next entrant and he has a comedy spot where he slaps Davey’s chest and KM’s midsection and it has no effect on them. KM takes down Swoggle. Eddie is the next entrant and he eliminates both himself and Davey. They brawl to the back. KM removes his belt and goes to whip Swoggle but Sydal stops him, they both try to eliminate KM, Spud is the next entrant and he goes right after Swoggle. Swoggle fight back and Sydal crouches behind Spud and trips him.Spud dominates and gets Swoggle in corner, KM goes for Sydal, Kongo Kong is the next entrant. KM and Kongo Kong eliminate Sydal and Spud. Moose is the next entrant with Kong and KM in the ring. Moose fights but they both double team and eliminate Moose. Shera is the last man. Kongo Kong charges to clothesline him but falls over the top rope and gets eliminated. It’s down to Shera and KM in normal rules. KM dominates, “You’re a liar” chants. Shera hits the Attitude Adjustment, comes back in the match. KM tries to go for the pumphandle slam but it is countered into the Sky High for the win. Shera celebrates and he hugs his dad and brother at ringside. the CEO of Sony Pictures Network, Bruce Prichard and Scott D’Amore present the trophy to Shera and celebrates in the crowd.

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