Conference Call Report: King Mo/TNA/Bellator


– Here are notes from today’s joint conference call from TNA Wrestling and Bellator Fighting Championships.

* TNA’s Dixie Carter and Bellator’s Bjorn Rebney will be on hand for the call.

* David Swartz from Spike TV starts off the call to welcome us, and then introduces Kevin Kay, who then introduces TNA’s Dixie Carter and Bellator’s Bjorn Rebney and Kin Mo Lawal.

* Mo will join TNA this summer, and then join Bellator in 2013 when the promotion moves to Spike TV. They feel that Spike was in a great place to make this deal, and then he puts over Mo as a great personality and athlete..

* Bjorn says he is very excited to make the announcement today, and compliments King Mo, Kevin Kay and Dixie Carter. They say that the deal is a first of its kind, as Mo looks to dominate both companies at one time. He also puts over the work that Spike did to help put this all together.

* Dixie says she is excited as well. She has been looking for an opportunity like this, and King Mo is the right guy. She says it is a big potential vision, and says she has a great relationship with Bjorn and Kevin Kay.

* Mo says this is a dream come true for him, and is almost speechless and had a hard time sleeping. He gets to knock people out in the cage and then hit people with chairs in the ring.

* We go to questions.

* First question is what are the plans for Mo and what training ha she done for pro wrestling. Mo says that he doesn’t have a lot of experience. He did go to OVW for a week, and he learned a lot from there. He worked with Mark Henry and John Morrison while there. He also saw terrible guys like Nathan Jones. Dixie says he is committed, and he will go to OVW for seasoning. She mentions Kurt Angle being excited about the signing and that Mo will work on the road.

* When asked about Bellator, Mo say she will enter the LHW tournament in 2013, and his knee is healing well. As far as wrestling and fighting at the same time, he is a workhorse and will do whatever is asked.

* Bjorn is asked about MMA fans shunning the MMA and wrestling relationship. Bjorn says the fanbase is shared on Spike TV. He trusts the MMA fanbase and feels Mo can transcend both demographics.

* They ask Mo about returning to Zuffa, and he says the door closed for that. He won’t wait, he got a good deal and took it.

* Mo is asked about waiting for other deals, and he says he could have waited for Zuffa, but he just took the deal that was given to him. He refused to wait around. When asked about the difference between the deal with Mo and Bobby Lashley, she says Lashey did a short stint with them and they weren’t working on the MMA end. She has no concerns because Mo is such a great athlete and she doesn’t think anyone else could pull it off. Bjorn puts over the synergy with Spike and TNA. Dixie says they will play out his MMA life on TNA TV.

* When asked about his finishing move Mo says he is still thinking about that.

* Mo discusses the deal and the terms of his deal. He says it is simply better, and will not go into particulars, but is happy to be seen by more people. He says the deal is “long.” He says Zuffa knew about the deal. He is equally excited to debut for both. But really wants to hit someone with a chair. When asked about the beef with Rampage, he is asked if Spike should sign him for a fight, he agrees, but doesn’t know what he will do.

* Kevin Kay says that there will be a lot of promotion between TNA and Bellator, and may even look for more cross over stars. He also says that they could develop other projects with TNA and Bellator stars. When asked if Bellator and TNA may share the same night, Kay is non-committal, but says they will continually look at all opportunities. They have a lot of plans to promote Mo. No other fighter will get the exposure that Mo will begetting.

* Bjorn reiterates that Mo is the perfect fit for this type of deal. He feels that Mo is “the king” to rule both realms. Dixie puts over Mo as an established MMA guy, and again, feels he is perfect for the deal. Bjorn is asked about guys like Rampage and Josh Barnett if they could also do this type of thing, and if they could pursue them. They plan to focus on Mo, due to him being a die-hard fan of wrestling.

* Mo is asked if he has any concerns, and feels that he can do both. Dixie says it will be hard, but believes he can do it.

* Kevin Kay says Mo’s deal is NOT with Spike, but individual deals with TNA and Bellator.

* Dixie and Bjorn say that there is no issue with Mo doing wrestling while under suspension form the athletic commission. The goal is to have Mo rehab from his knee injury and staph infection.

* They are asked about a co-promoted show with both MMA and wrestling, but Kay says they will be kept separate.

* Dave Batista is discussed about being brought in, and Dixie Carter says Dave is great, but they have had no discussions.

* When asked about fan backlash, Mo says if they are fans of him, they will support him in both ventures.

* Mo says this is a dream come true. He thought he lost the dream when he turned down his WWE deal. Mo then puts over the Bellator LHW division. He says Bellator is stacked with talent, and is only worried about himself and taking care of business.

* Mo says he will fight at any weight he can make, because he is a MONEY WEIGHT fighter.

* When asked about a TNA debut, Dixie says he has to get healthy first but when that happens, he will be brought in and the training will begin. Mo doesn’t have a date at this time when he will be cleared.

* Bjorn says he and Dixie have been discussing a deal like this for almost a year.

* King Mo discusses that he prayed for Sting to win the Clash of the Champions bout against Ric Flair and was devastated with the time limit draw.

* Dixie has kept he signing a secret, but has talked a lot to Mo about his role in the company.

* Kevin Kay says they aren’t involved in who they should sign, just how they need to market the products, and the will have fun marketing Mo for both companies.

* Mo says he would love to work with Ric Flair, and jokes about Space Mountain. He also mentions Sting and says he will beat down Kurt Angle. But honestly, he is happy to work with everyone in TNA.

* Mo is excited for the package deal, and is jus happy to live the dream. He plans to focus on recovery better, more ice baths and simply taking care of himself. He loves to fight, and to stay busy, and loves the Bellator tournament format. He will prove himself by winning the LHW tournament.

* Bjorn is not worried about people thinking that Mo fights will be a work, he knows MMA fans, and feels that they are smart enough to know better.

* Dixie is asked when Mo will be introduced to the TNA audience, and she says they will not do it too early. They need to do it the right way, and have to see how his rehab is going before that is thought about.

* Bjorn says that Mo will be in the LHW tournament, and that will be in January of 2013 on Spike TV.

* They ask if Mo may use his talking ability and join commentary before his full debut. Dixie says it is possible, but again, they do not want to rush him. Dixie adds that they want to chronicle his journey to TNA. Bjorn says Mo will be on Friday’s Bellator show tomorrow and fans can meet him life. He will appear on the broadcast as well. Mo will be on MMA Uncensored Live tonight with Bjorn and Dixie.

* Mo is asked about doing commentary during his recovery, and he says he is open to doing it, but he wants to fight and wrestle.

* Mo is asked about learning catch wrestling and moves that will cross over, and he says that is the case.

* The call ends.

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