Conor McGregor & MJF Get Into War Of Words On Twitter


Conor McGregor has inserted himself into the ongoing feud between AEW World Champion MJF and UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett.

Earlier this week, the Salt of the Earth teased confronting Pimblett at UFC 282, which is where the latter’s next scheduled fight will be taking place.

After TMZ picked up on the story, McGregor chimed in and reacted to MJF calling Pimblett a “dollar store Conor McGregor.” Conor wrote,

“A dollar store Conor is still worth millions! Let’s go young Paddy Pimb! Don’t know who this other clown is.”

MJF retweeted McGregor’s post and replied with the following:

“I’ll f**k the Conor clone up.

Then I’ll wipe my ass with the original.

Stay in your lane you roided up leprechaun.

You can’t hang with the @AEW World Champion. #Betterthanyou”

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