Conrad Thompson Reacts To Fans Wanting Him & Jeff Jarrett To Start A New Promotion


Several fans online have been campaigning for Conrad Thompson and Jeff Jarrett to team up and start a new pro wrestling promotion with all the talent available due to the recent WWE releases. Thompson has been having some fun with the suggestions and has been re-tweeting the messages with some GIFS.

As you know, Ring of Honor will be going on hiatus in the first quarter of 2022 and WWE has been releasing a ton of talent lately so the free agent market is a hot one these days. With the free agent market so stacked with talent, many fans are interested in the idea of another wrestling company starting up so talent can find more work.

Thompson hosts the “My World” podcast with Jeff Jarrett on a weekly basis.

It should be noted that there is no confirmation that the two men will be starting a new promotion but based off Conrad’s responses, it doesn’t appear he’s ruling the idea out either.

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