Conrad Thompson Talks About Ric Flair Getting Back Into The Ring For The Last Time


During the latest edition of the Battleground Podcast, Starrcast V promoter and Ric Flair’s son-in-law, Conrad Thompson, gave his thoughts on Flair stepping back into the squared circle for one last time.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


Thompson on the idea that Ric Flair is only doing this last match for money: “Here’s the thing for me. As we’re recording this, The Rolling Stones are touring. Why? A lot of people who are against the idea of Ric wrestling say, ‘Oh, he must need the money.’ Y’all reckon Mick Jagger needs money? No, Ric could comfortably retire just on his Cameo earnings, much less, he is the highest autograph circuit rate of anyone. I know there was a big uproar recently about another star who’s in that business now, and people said, ‘Can you believe they charged that much?’ For Ric’s, it’s almost double. So he’s fine. This is more about the glory, and he wants to be on that stage and walk that aisle and be Ric Flair one last time. Given the fact that since he wrestled last, he lost his son, and he nearly lost his life, and man, what’s wrong with being Ric Flair one more time? I’m all for it, his doctor’s for it, he feels like he can do it, he’s comfortable, his doctor’s comfortable. Let’s go, man. We’re gonna have some fun July 31 at Ric Flair’s Last Match.”

Thompson on why Ric Flair is getting back in the ring: “I think it’s his call. I know that there was a couple of pretty vocal people who tried to motivate local municipalities and things like that to get them to stop this. But the reality is, it’s up to Ric. This is America, this is what we do. What’s the difference between some of these touring acts who are all over the world and playing their ass off and losing 12 pounds of sweat a night and all this, performing their shows, and Ric doing his thing? It’s a tag match, guys. If you’re expecting a five, six, or seven-star affair, Kenny Omega, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson hard-hitting, that’s not what this is gonna be. You know what this is gonna be? Fun.”

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