Conrad Thompson Tried Talking Ric Flair Out Of Fake Heart Attack Spot


During Ric Flair’s final match, one of the spots was ‘The Nature Boy’ faking a heart attack to trick Jay Lethal. Many fans and wrestlers found the spot uncomfortable and thought it was the wrong move on Flair’s part.

In the latest episode of Jeff Jarrett’s My World podcast, Conrad Thompson revealed that he tried talking the Hall of Famer out of doing the spot. Ultimately, Flair had the final say.


The only thing you and I pushed back on, and we pushed back the first time we heard it and the second time, and the third time. ‘Do not fake the heart deal. Do not. Please.’ The afternoon of, he goes, ‘Guys, guys, it’s my last match. I’m not saying I’m going to do it, but if they are with it and I feel I have the crowd, I’m going to do it. Jay is going to have a little sympathy and I’ll poke him in the eyes.’ When it didn’t happen in the ring, at first I thought, ‘We made it, he’s not going to do it.’ He did it on the floor. I didn’t look at you, but I know somewhere, you were looking at me like, ‘Why is he doing this?’ I saw great feedback from that, people dug it. Who are we, especially me, it’s his last match. He gets to pick.

Ric Flair managed to push through the bloodshed and came out victorious. He recently got into a confrontation with legendary Puerto Rico star Carlos Colon at a World Wrestling Council anniversary show.

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