Content Listing For New NWO Collection On The WWE Network


The WWE Network has added a new NWO collection to the streaming service as it’s will be available in the on-demand service on Monday. Here is the content listing:

Nitro 1996 – The Hostile Takeover Begins

By invading several episodes of Monday Nitro in the spring of 1996, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash would begin a hostile takeover of WCW.

Great American Bash 1996 – WCW’s Answer and Bischoff’s Ride

Eric Bischoff takes an unexpected ride after delivering WCW’s answer to The Outsiders, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Bash at the Beach 1996 – Whose Side is He On?

The New World Order is born when Hulk Hogan reveals The Outsiders’ third man during a bout against WCW’s finest.

Nitro 07/15/1996 – Back in Black

With his famous red and yellow colors abandoned, Hollywood Hogan arrives dressed in black to send a message to WCW.

07/27/1996 – Paid for by the New World Order

In what would become a faction staple, the New World Order purchases some time on WCW programming to deliver a special announcement.

07/27/1996 – Waiting in the Shadows

The Outsiders show everyone what levels they will sink to by revealing footage of their assault on one of WCW’s most treasured icons, Sting.

Nitro 07/29/1996 – Gang Warfare

No one is safe from the nWo’s carnage, as The Outsiders utilize gang warfare to target some of WCW’s top competitors.

08/03/1996 – Foreshadowing Demise

In another announcement paid for by the New World Order, Hollywood Hogan and his Outsiders foreshadow the results of Hog Wild 1996.

Hog Wild 1996 – Dominating at Hog Wild

The nWo reigns supreme with The Outsiders taking on two of WCW’s finest, and Hollywood Hogan going for the WCW World Title.

Nitro 08/26/1996 – Leaving a Mark on WCW

The nWo continues to expand in numbers while targeting The Four Horsemen and leaving their mark on World Championship Wrestling.

Nitro 09/02/1996 – A Gigantic Surprise

Size matters in the war between the nWo and WCW, as The Giant aligns himself with Hollywood Hogan’s band of renegades.

Nitro 09/09/1996 – Sting Joins nWo?

WCW is left in disbelief when it appears as if ‘Sting’ has done the unthinkable and aligned himself with Hollywood Hogan’s nWo.

Fall Brawl 1996 – You Wanted a War

Hollywood Hogan and his New World Order battle WCW’s combined forces of Sting, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, and Arn Anderson.

Nitro 09/16/1996 – The Syxxth Man

A new dynamic of the nWo is introduced to the world when the sixth man to join the notorious faction is revealed.

Nitro 10/21/1996 – The Real Sting

The New World Order’s attempts to replicate the abilities of Sting fall apart when the true Icon shows up.

Halloween Havoc 1996 – Wreaking Halloween Havoc

Hollywood Hogan and his nWo Outsiders look to dominate the likes of Harlem Heat and Macho Man Randy Savage.

Nitro 11/18/1996 – Bischoff’s Secret

When suspicions about the New World Order’s dominance arise, the duality of Eric Bischoff is revealed.

10/12/1996 – nWo Saturday Night

During their reign of chaos, Hollywood Hogan’s New World Order took over WCW Saturday Night with their own brand of wrestling action.

Starrcade 1996 – Hollywood Pays the Piper

Roddy Piper looks to make Hollywood Hogan pay for the sins of his New World Order in this memorable bout.

Nitro 01/13/1997 – If You Can’t Beat Em… BANG!

The Outsiders’ continued efforts to recruit Diamond Dallas Page to their New World Order receive a clear-cut answer.

Nitro 02/10/1997 – An Abuse of Power

Eric Bischoff shows the cold and calculating nature of his character by humiliating Randy Anderson and his family.

Superbrawl VII – A Savage Result

The true colors of Macho Man Randy Savage are revealed when Roddy Piper challenges Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Title.

Slamboree 1997 – WCW Neuters The Wolfpac

The nWo’s Wolfpac of Syxx and The Outsiders combat the fury of WCW’s Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, and Kevin Greene.

Nitro 03/10/1997 – Rodman Earns his Colors

Hollywood Hogan and his band of reprobates welcome Dennis Rodman into their ranks by presenting him with the nWo colors.

Uncensored 1997 – nWo’s Mega Force

Dennis Rodman’s affiliation with the nWo pays off in a major way when three teams collide in this contest.

Bash at the Beach 1997 – Bad Boys and Imposters

Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman unite under nWo colors to take on WCW’s duo of Lex Luger and The Giant.

Nitro 09/01/1997 – A Tribute to The Four Horsemen

The nWo’s level of respect for The Four Horsemen is on display during this irreverent parody of Arn Anderson’s retirement.

Nitro 11/10/1997 – Singing from the Hart

When things up north get out of control, Eric Bischoff and the nWo look to welcome Bret Hart with a special song.

World War 3 1997 – Outsider Interference

Scott Hall receives some assistance from above during the highly controversial World War 3 Battle Royal.

Nitro 12/08/1997 – Who’s the Dummy?

As Hollywood Hogan’s match with Sting draws near, the New World Order is left shaken by an appearance by The Icon himself.

Starrcade 1997 – The Day of Reckoning

After several months of lurking in the shadows, Sting avenges WCW by challenging Hollywood Hogan for the WCW World Title.

Thunder 03/26/1998 – Dissension in the Ranks

With Syxx’s departure among other issues weighing on his mind, Kevin Nash confronts Hollywood Hogan about the nWo’s future.

Nitro 04/27/1998 – A Wolfpac Expansion

Seeds of war are planted when Kevin Nash and Macho Man Randy Savage split from the nWo to make The Wolfpac into a new faction.

Nitro 05/04/1998 – True Colors

To separate themselves from nWo Hollywood, The Wolfpac unveils new colors to represent in battle against the ‘Black and White’.

Slamboree 1998 – No Honor Among Bad Guys

Scott Hall shows his true colors when The Outsiders take to the ring to battle the duo of Sting and The Giant.

Nitro 05/25/1998 – A Total Package

The war between two factions of the New World Order heats up after Lex Luger joins up with The Wolfpac.

Nitro 06/01/1998 – Sting Chooses Sides

Sting finally chooses sides by changing his colors and joining nWo Wolfpac in their war with nWo Hollywood.

Nitro 06/08/1998 – Don’t Turn Your Back on…

While Diamond Dallas Page is actively recruited by nWo Wolfpac, Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman seize an opportunity.

Bash at the Beach 1998 – An All-Star Bash

Hollywood Hogan and Dennis Rodman represent nWo Hollywood against the duo of Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone.

Fall Brawl 1998 – The Factions Go to War

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