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NewsControversial Ex-WWE Star Referenced Several Times On NXT 2.0

Controversial Ex-WWE Star Referenced Several Times On NXT 2.0



Several references to released WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar Nash Carter were made on last night’s edition of the paint-splattered brand.

Carter was released from WWE earlier this year following allegations of abuse made at him by Kimber Lee.

Though WWE reportedly did not find the claims credible, the decision was made to release him after Lee shared pictures of Carter parodying Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Speaking on last night’s episode, Carter’s former tag-team partner Wes Lee said he had experienced the “highest of highs” and “lowest to lows” this year.

Lee was alluding to Carter’s release which came days after their team MSK captured the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Wes Lee addressed Carter specifically, though not by name, saying:

“I was riding high with my best friend and my brother just to have our world explode right from under our feet.”

Trick Williams, who interrupted Lee during the segment, also referenced Carter, saying how Wes hadn’t been there for “his boy.”

Carter returned to in-ring action at a Circle 6 event in Los Angeles last weekend, going by his pre-WWE name Zachary Wentz.

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